Someone once said that at the end of the rainbow lies a pot of gold. We’re still waiting to find it. While we’re looking here are some colourful UK treasures courtesy of Matthew Pike at


1. We spotted this super colourful wall just off Bold Street, in the centre of Liverpool. It’s hidden between two side streets, which join up one of my favourite areas in the North West of England.


Caught snapping #Liverpool #streetarteverywhere #colourful

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2. Another colourful spot in Liverpool is FACT Gallery, which is a multi-purpose space, with a cinema, coffee shop and event space for exhibitions. It’s a great hub for co-working too.


FACT Liverpool. Loving the colours #Liverpool #factliverpool #pantone #colourinspiration

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3. We’re always on the lookout for colour inspiration, this one came from an exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery. We always stop by as there’s always something new and interesting.


Floor and wall combo #colour #gallery #manchester

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4. Talk about matching colours? Album’s window display in their Soho, London store caught my eye. Who new bright colours could act as camouflage?


Nice to match your window to your jackets hey @albamclothing? #soho #london #windowdisplay

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5. God’s Own Junkyard was a big hit last summer, which could be found within an unassuming shop on Brewer Street, Soho, London. The place was floor to ceiling with neon artwork + signs.



6. Back to another one of our favourite stops-offs in Liverpool; the Tate, on Albert Docks. This was a large collection of vintage sci-fi posters from the 30s to 70s.

Love stuff like this!


At Tate Liverpool with @holliereid #tateliverpool #gallery #art

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