It’s time for another Instagram round up and oh boy do we have a good one for you!

Collaging is something you may have fond memories of doing as a child on a rainy day, however these collage artists show us that collaging is anything but a rainy day activity. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest collage artists we’ve found on Instagram who create amazing works of art with nothing but a good old fashioned bit of paper and a scalpel/scissors, we’re obsessed.

Leaf and Petal Vintage

Australian based collage artist Karen Lynch is the lady behind Leaf and Petal Vintage. She uses vintage magazines, catalogues and books that she finds at thrift shops and markets to create surreal and retro futuristic worlds, using the traditional collaging method of scissors and glue to create her art. Karen draws on a number of different elements such as architecture, nature, space and time for her art and she loves to use color and geometry. What we love so much about Karen’s work is how she is able to place two completely different images together in one piece and create an almost impossible landscape that easily looks like it could be real. Karen’s collages are playful and often tell a story and try to inspire the viewer.


The Daily Splice

The Daily Splice aka Adam Hale is a collage artist from Preston, Lancashire, who lives in London. Adam first created The Daily Splice in 2015 as a way for him to share his collage work. The collages are cleverly created from London’s free magazines. Living in London meant that Adam was bombarded with free literature every day and decided to give this London literature a new lease of life through collage art. He uses images from current topics, news or recent fashion stories to create completely new and interesting images from them.




VY Punto Designer

Víctor Santiago is a Spanish art director from Málaga who loves making collages as they act as a way for him to express himself. Collaging allows him to create impossible worlds where anything is possible. He likes to use his artwork to critique the failings of modern day society. Víctor’s work to exaggerate the characteristic selfishness of our society and the way we destroy it but does so in an ironic, fun and surrealistic way.




Nao Petitoto is a Japanese collage artist who after graduating from the Fukuoka Design School moved to the UK to work. Whilst working in the UK Nao engaged in designing t-shirts, live painting performances and other works of art, before moving back to Japan in 2011. Neo’s collage art draws on bold colors, geometrical shapes and lines and often uses parts of the female face to create the final collage.


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Happy Red Fish

Hagar Vardimon is a fine artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. As well as collaging she also uses threads to embroider images and photographs. Her work has been displayed in galleries in New York, Oregon, California, Ireland and many other galleries across Europe. Hagar uses colored circular cut out dots in her collages, which remind us of the Disney Pixar film Up, so fun!



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