It’s time for our round up of the best of the best. And, as we’re all about hotels with heart – here’s a round up of our favorite art pieces we’ve published.

There was a time when art was confined to the walls of imposing city galleries, or the frescoes of your local Cathedral. RED sees things differently. We celebrate the people who bring art out on the street, onto our bodies, into our social media feeds and onto the catwalk. Because creativity – living, breathing creativity – knows no boundaries. That buzz you get when you discover someone who sees the world in a whole new light: we can never get enough of it. And here are just five of the art blog posts which set our pulses racing this year.

Amazing Architecture: Santiago Calatrava

We’ve always had a soft spot for Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava’s organic, sinewy and sensual structures. They’re buildings that look like strange alien lifeforms, crystallized and cryogenically frozen. But lifeforms that, at any moment, might spring back into life and run wild through our city streets. We celebrated the best of them in our blog post showcasing some of his greatest work.

Serreria Bridge, Valencia, Palladium Photodesign


6 Tattoo Artists We Can’t Get Enough Of

Not all art has to be of the blockbusting variety that you can see from Google maps. Some of the best is also the most intimate. And you don’t get much more intimate – or ancient – than body art. We’ve been inking and scribing our flesh since we came down from the trees. But, these days, tattoo art is more expressive, more distinctive and more creative than ever. From the stunning geometry of Corey Divine to the playful pastels of Sasha Unisex, this is tattoo art that makes your body gallery-worthy.


Instagram’s Best Fashion Illustrators You Need To Follow Now

Fashion illustration is a thing of beauty – the best practitioners seem to capture the fluidity, grace and sheer energy of the world’s most essential fashion designers. With a few deft touches, and seemingly spontaneous brush strokes, the joie-de-vivre of the catwalk is captured. But, us being RED, we also cherish those who think defiantly out of the box. Take the fashion illustrator who uses her five a day to create perfect impressions of floaty evening gowns, complete with broccoli and peach slices! Tasty stuff.


5 Collage Artists On Instagram We Love

Collage art is really having a moment. And you’ll get no complaints from us. Hot in the 60s, as abstract expressionists and ‘op-art’ proponents literally ripped up the rule book, and started again, collage art died down for a while. But it’s back, and its cut-and-paste aesthetic is a breath of fresh air against the advancing army of digital Photoshoppers. We celebrated those who used vintage mags, old adverts, geometrical shapes and dream-like landscapes to create ‘impossible worlds where anything is possible’. Dive in…


Top Tips For Hosting Your First Art Exhibition

Now you’ve fueled up on all that inspiration, there’s only one thing left to do, yeah? It’s time to organize your very first exhibition. And, of course, RED can help here too. We spoke to three of RED’s brilliant Artists of the Month, and asked them one simple question: what have you got to do to get everyone talking about your debut exhibition…So now you’ve no excuse not to go out there and make a bigger splash. See you in our blog in 2018? It’s a date.

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