Graffiti, stencils and stickers – oh my! From Basquiat to Banksy, street artists have gone from vandals to vigilante heroes in public opinion, making accessible art for the masses. With the world as their canvas these crazy creatives decorate cities around the world with colorful murals. Head to Brussels and tour the street art as the city celebrates the ninth art of comic strips along with the Smurfs’ 60th birthday.

Sashay away to Ric Hochet

Feast your eyes on this 1950s comic hero, painted in 1994 by G. Oreopoulos and D. Vandegeerde, as he ricochets into action. The Ric Hochet Wall on Rue du Bon Secours is an ode to the savvy reporter by the same name and his adventures outsmarting charlatans.


Experience the gospel of Odilon Verjus

Head down Rue des Capucins and visit Larent Verron’s Odilon Verjus as he helps Josephine Baker down off a ledge. The comic strip tales of this missionary and his timid helper Laurent de Boismenu often included real life events and characters, such as Edith Piaf and John Wayne.


Do you feel Lucky, Luke?

40 Rue de la Buanderie is home to this legendary cowboy from the wild wild west featuring all the usual suspects. From his loyal – albeit sarcastic – stead, Jolly Jumper to the four Dalton brothers and his little dog too, these characters painted by Morris are a chuckle and a half.


Hand in hand through Rue de Marché au Charbon

The optimistic nature enthusiast Broussaille, created for Spirou Magazine by Frank Pé, takes a stroll hand in hand with his girlfriend. This colorful and cheery neighborhood is mirrored in the mural and the duality of the image gives some food for thought.


And the piece de résistance?

Originally created as a side story for Johan and Peewit by cartoonist Pierre Culliford, the Smurfs took the world by storm in 1958. In this multicultural hub of Belgium, the Smurfs serve as a unifying symbol along with the beer and chocolates. To celebrate their 60th birthday, Brussels Expo and Radisson Red Hotel offer a Smurf Experience out of this world for visitors of all ages. Visit the new Smurf mural opposite the central station.



Save the entrance fee and tour these streets of art as you please and post all the pictures you want. These comic strip murals are no joke, so don’t miss out and explore the writings on the wall with RED in Brussels.

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