You may already be following your favorite fashion blogger, whose street style makes sure you spend all your pay check in record timing, and that travel photographer who helps you add places to your bucket list every time they post, but we can bet that we have found a new Instagram style for you to obsess over – digital art. Not only will these digital artists have you mesmerized for days with their incredible artwork, but they will also make you realize just how inadequate your computer skills are. Trust us, you will be enchanted with their skills.


Alexy Prefontaine

Alexy Prefontaine is a Montreal based amateur photographer and digital artist. His creations are hyper-real, combining real landscape photography (presumably his own) with futuristic looking digital sculptures and forms. Alexy is also the master of the subtle digital alteration, distorting landscape images enough to be different but still look realistic. Some of his edits look almost like he is photographing whole new planets. Also keep an eye out for the tiny figures of people he manages to sneak into most of his images! Can you spot them all?




Matthew Custar

Matthew Custar is an artist & designer already with a significant following on Instagram. His work has evolved through time but the common theme is his use of geometric shapes and lines. His more recent work is mostly monochromatic with splashes of color and is distinctive through his use of narrow wavy lines that are reminiscent of the surface of a vinyl record. There are definite Bauhaus influences in his work with the basic forms and shapes layered over one an other and the use of color throughout his edits give a distinctive 70s feeling. You really will be mesmerized!



Gabriel Levesque

Gabriel Levesque, is both an illustrator and graphic designer, and his work combines both skill sets. Already with an established following on Instagram, his feed is futuristic and almost dream-like. The faceless forms and dark shapes in weird and wonderful surroundings are as much digital art as they are Surrealist art. His use of geometric 3D shapes and beams of light have you getting nostalgic over that 70s album art you loved – think Jean Michel Jarre or the infamous Dark Side of The Moon cover by artist Storm Thorgerson. We wouldn’t be surprised if old-school electro kings Daft Punk drafted Gabriel into creating their next album cover art.



Bryant Nichols

Korean born digital artist Bryant Nichols is still only a student although his Instagram profile profile would have you thinking he is a seasoned pro. Currently studying graphic design at University of Cincinnati, Bryan already got some impressive collaborations on his CV, having worked on campaigns for Quicksilver board shorts and various projects with Shutterstock. There is a definite sci-fi feeling to his work although this is interspersed with colorful nature inspired shapes, and various forms of liquidity feature heavily. Some of his creations are so futuristic looking, they would not look out of place in the newest alien-blasting computer game.



Bola Ogunjobi

Bola Ogunjobi, is a visual effects and motion graphics student and a 3d graphic designer. His creations are essentially abstract surrealist art. He blends real life landscapes with strange alien like objects and shapes, creating imagery that looks like it could be a new planet in the Star Trek universe. Bola utilizes a lot of basic 3d shapes and his work his dotted with flashes of bright red and blue. Despite this apparent simplicity however, Bola’s use of light and textures elevates these simple forms into something amazingly realistic.



A photo posted by Bola (@beyond.bola) on

A photo posted by Bola (@beyond.bola) on

A photo posted by Bola (@beyond.bola) on

A photo posted by Bola (@beyond.bola) on

Dorian Legret

Digital artist, Dorian Legret’s work is distinctive due to his comprehensive use of color. Possibly the best way to describe his current creations are explosions of color. Despite being created completely digitally; Dorian’s work is reminiscent of the works of an abstract painter. His real skill is that he manages to capture the movements and patterns of real paint but on a computer screen. Mix these blasts of digital paint with silhouettes of people and the odd celestial reference and you have Dorian’s beautifully bright and fascinating imagery. Not only can you enjoy his work on his Instagram feed, but you can also buy it in various incarnations such as on an I-phone case, a scatter cushion, or even a wall tapestry.



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