David Roos, a.k.a @droos86, is a street art super fan and photographer from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. His Instagram is a must-follow for any street art fan as it’s a constant supply of amazing graffiti inspiration from around the world. Here he picks out five cities in Europe to see the most incredible street art.


London, UK

Most people know this street art city thanks to the legendary Banksy. Rightly so, but London has got so much more to offer! Especially Shoreditch – this area is a treat for every art lover!


Artist credit: Vinie Graffiti


Berlin, Germany

This city has got it all! Berlin is renowned for it’s graffiti scene, but in recent years the capital of Germany has become a true street art city! The street art in the city is expanding quickly with new pieces from the most respected street artists appearing every day.


Artist credit: Bordalo II

Paris, France

The city of Love. The street art scene in Paris is well known for the great amount of Space Invaders, creations of the anonymous street artist, Invader. These little works made of mosaic can be found all over the city. Hint: the 13th arrondissement is definitely worth a visit for street art fans!

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Rome, Italy

One of the oldest cities in the world and famous for the Colosseum, the ruins and the busy traffic. Every big city has street art, and Rome does not disappoint! Especially worth a visit are the neighbourhoods of San Lorenzo, Ostiense, Pigneto and Quadraro.


Artist credit: Kobra

Barcelona, Spain

The city of Gaudi architecture, paella, and beautiful beaches. These things are probably what triggers many street artists to come to Barcelona! The streets of this city are packed with creative artwork.


Artist credit: Christian Guemy



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