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She may be based in the rainiest city in Scotland but graphic artist Gabriella Marcella keeps things bright with her fun and colorful patterns.

Gabriella-Marcella_Inverness Mural

You are based in Glasgow. How does the city inspire you and your work?

Glasgow is super active and has a very supportive creative community with the added benefit of affordable studios/spaces! This has meant it was one of the best spots to freelance or set up projects and studios. Working at RISOTTO keeps things local, while doing design work isn’t bound by location at all, thanks to the internet!

Gabriella-Marcella_risotto_Box set

Where else do you look for inspiration?

I find inspiration in all sorts of things; New materials, interesting people, and generally – big colourful things. 50-60s graphic designs, and anything created under the Memphis movement is always up there too.

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Gabriella-Marcella_calendars_risotto shop 2016_SPREAD

You work with a number of materials and design processes / methods. Please explain what they are and why you like to work with them.

I set up a Risograph studio here in Glasgow a few years ago, and the process is a really old school print method. It uses spot colours and stencils like screen-printing, but looks and prints like a photocopier. It makes it ideal for graphic arts applications and appeals to the creative community as they can print really special promo pieces at affordable prices.


Your work is super colorful and wonderfully patterned! What attracted you to using such varied and beautiful colors and patterns in your work?

I’ve always been drawn to color and play, and the main problem is often in toning it down. It makes me happy to work with vibrant palettes and bold shapes, so hopefully it brings others a little joy too!

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Gabriella-Marcella_TEMPLE_GABMAR shop

What new, exciting projects do you have in the pipeline?

There are few exciting projects in the pipeline for 2016 all exploring new materials and scale. I’m really excited to finish a fashion collection I’ve been working on in India at the start of the year, as well as a very large scale exhibition design in Tramway over the summer.

Gabriella-Marcella_2016_longsleeveshirt_risotto shop Gabriella-Marcella_clap bw_GABMAR shop

You have collaborated with some great brands and organisations. What has been your favourite collaboration so far?

That’s a hard one.. and I don’t think I can say as they’ve all allowed me to develop something new! I am really looking forward to the Stussy T’s as I’ve not seen the final thing yet!

Gabriella-Marcella_Urban Outfitters Carrier Bag Gabriella-Marcella_The Skinny_cover artwork

Who would be your dream brand, person or organisation to collaborate with?


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