Instagram’s Best Fashion Illustrators You Need to Follow Now

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Fashion illustration is something that has been around for years, 500 years to be precise. There is something special about fashion illustration that grabs your attention and jumps out at you from the page; the illustrators have an incredible combination of technical and provocative flair to create colorful and lifelike drawings.

In a time before photography and photoshop existed magazines would employ illustrators to decorate their covers and pages with beautiful works of art. In most magazines today there has been a transition from art to photographs, but there is still a whole industry of incredibly talented illustrators who are making their mark in the fashion industry creating work for major fashion houses and building up a serious following on their own social media accounts.

You could spend hours on Instagram discovering illustrator after illustrator but we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite fashion illustrators that you really need to follow now.


Bil Donovan

Bil Donovan is one of the most esteemed and creative fashion and lifestyle illustrators working in the industry right now. His illustrations are sophisticated, luxurious and full of glamour and he uses gorgeous, colorful watercolors to create sketches straight from the top runways of the world. Bil has worked for some of the biggest names in fashion and has produced illustrations for Vouge, Saks, Elle, L’Occitane and he is currently Christian Dior Beauty’s first artist-in-residence. He currently lives in New York where he teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology.



A photo posted by Bil Donovan (@bildonovan) on

A photo posted by Bil Donovan (@bildonovan) on

A photo posted by Bil Donovan (@bildonovan) on

Anjelica Roselyn

Anjelica Roselyn is a womenswear designer and illustrator born in Washington D.C., but raised in London. Amazingly Anjelica never intended to be known for her colorful fashion illustrations as she went to the London College of Fashion and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear (she interned at labels such as Marc Jacobs and Ryan Lo). However whilst deciding to take a little break from fashion design she built up an enchanting Instagram gallery full of beautiful fashion illustrations. Anjelica’s illustrations are full of color and she loves using stripes in her work. She has been working as a freelance fashion illustrator since 2014 and her work has gained recognition from fashion icons like Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, Giles Deacon and Pat McGrath.




Gretchen Röehrs

As a child you were always told by your parents not to play with your food but we’re sure glad Gretchen Röehrs didn’t listen to hers. Gretchen’s art stands out against the ever-growing crowd of Instagram fashion illustrators as she combines drawings and pieces of fruit and vegetables to create unforgettable illustrations. Gretchen is based in San Francisco and spent time working behind the scenes in the fashion industry before making the move to the West Coast to follow her dreams of illustration. She first got the idea when her friend from the East Coast told her how much she missed fresh fruit and vegetables during the winter months, so Gretchen thought that although they couldn’t eat anything fresh, she could give them a little laugh at ladies wearing fruits for clothing. We love her simplistic ladies drawn in black ink, who are brought to life with their colorful food outfits.



A photo posted by Gretchen Röehrs (@groehrs) on

A photo posted by Gretchen Röehrs (@groehrs) on

Astrid Vos

Astrid Vos is a Dutch fashion illustrator who loves to convey spontaneity and expression through her illustrations. She studied at the Fashion Academy in Arnhem and then worked in Paris for 13 years at Promostyl, the international styling and trend-forecasting agency, and for Lidewij Edelkoort, one of the world’s most famous trend forecasters. Whilst working in Paris Astrid built up her sketching skills and learnt how to bring atmosphere to her fashion illustrations. Her illustrations look cool and effortless and she loves to use smooth lines in her work.




Richard Kilroy

Menswear illustrator Richard Kilroy from Liverpool graduated from Leeds College of Art and within just three months after graduating he was commissioned by Topshop and Dior to create illustrations for them. He has also created ‘Decoy’, a newspaper that provides a platform for discussion and exposure on illustration within the fashion industry. Richard’s illustrations are beautiful and use simplistic fine lines but also have an element of detail to them when you get a closer look. He is known for his mix of photorealism and different combinations of suggestive lines and loose elements in his work.



Lena Ker

Russian fashion illustrator Lena Ker has an impressive 66.2k followers on Instagram, but when you see her Instagram feed you will know why. It is filled with delicate and colorful illustrations created with pencils and watercolors. She does not have a degree in illustration or art, but has always had a passion for both. Lena started a blog and began to publish her pictures whenever she could and from there her following grew. She has produced work for some amazing fashion publications like Harper’s Bazaar, GQ Russia and Condé Nast Russia.



A photo posted by Lena Ker (@lenaker) on

A photo posted by Lena Ker (@lenaker) on

A photo posted by Lena Ker (@lenaker) on


Justin Teodoro

Justin Teodoro is a New York based artist and fashion illustrator. He graduated from Parsons School of Design and spent eight years working for Tuleh, Cynthia Steffe and Kenneth Cole. In 2014 Justin decided to work freelance and began to post his own sketches on social media and his followers quickly grew. Justin’s work is quirky and humorous and he has his own sartorial illustration series ‘If I Were a Girl’, which are illustrations of things that Justin sees in magazines and on the streets that he would wear if he was a girl. He has been recruited by some big fashion names like Lorenzo Martone to create art for his luxury bike line, Martone Cycling Co. and for Barneys New York to produce window designs and shopping bags for Barney’s in Japan.



Arturo Elena

Arturo Elena is a fashion illustrator from Spain who is completely self-taught. He has been drawing since he was a child and although he did apply to the Design School in Barcelona, the director of the school told him that the best ‘school’ for him would be to go out into the world and develop his skills, style and technique, drawing inspiration from the world and following his own intuition. He worked for five years with design teams in Barcelona and Seville and got his big break when he was requested by Spanish designers, Victorio & Lucchino to illustrate the press folder for their collection. From there fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle and Telva began to request his illustrations for their publications. Arturo’s illustrations are incredibly lifelike and he draws inspiration from fashion photography. He uses Copic markers on Canson Mi-Teintes cardboard which allows him to create realistic effects on his illustrations.



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