The Emerging Artist contest generated a great level of interest from some really talented artists from around the world. It was so difficult to pick just one winner. Here is just a small selection of some of the artists whose entries we love! Their work is bold, creative and vibrant and perfectly represents the Radisson RED brand. Read on to see who they are and what they do.


Hanh Huynh


Hanh describes herself as a dreamer in the daytime who has a passion and love for bright colors. Her name means ‘happiness’ in Vietnamese and she hopes that people feel happy when they see her artwork. Hanh has a passion for expressing her feelings, thoughts, and perspective about life to everybody through her vibrant art.



Danny Molloy



Under the title of “DM-Artwork” on lies Danny, a young and self taught emerging artist from the east of Ireland. Danny takes inspiration from book illustrations, nature and ancient teachings of wisdom.

He uses traditional pen and ink methods and an intricate level of detail to create dark and beautiful drawings, which sing to the soul and delve deep into the world of mysticism and the occult.

Danny bases his work around philosophical concepts and themes such as Esotericism, Thought and Enlightenment and he is influenced by artists such as Salvador Dali, Michael Cheval and John Tenniel.

Through his art he aims to provoke thought in the mind of the viewer, thus steeping his work in symbolism and mystery.


Dan Bean


Dan is a self-taught artist from Florida, USA. He uses different medias in his art; oil, watercolor, graphite acrylic, wood, styrofoam sculpture and most recently digital. Dan works full time as a restaurant manager but paints and draws in his spare time whenever he can. He loves doing portraits with a surrealist feel.



Jen Walker



Jen is a designer from Glasgow, Scotland and has a passion for print, motion and 3D design. She is currently in her 4th year studying for an honours degree in Graphic Design at Glasgow Caledonia University. She has a HND in photography, giving her a good eye for composition and layout, and her advanced higher and NC in art allows her to experiment with different media. Jen has a passion



Mallorie Mae Faubert


Mallorie Mae is an artist who specializes in abstract artwork. While she mostly paints in acrylics, she also likes to explore the use of unconventional mediums and tools to create her works. Her paintings are easily recognized by their colorful and chaotic style.

She went to art school on and off for years studying Graphic Design and Fine Art. Mallorie took classes at Kutztown University and Bellevue University but given the funds and time restraints of a “starving artist” she was never able to complete a degree, making her a self-taught artist. Ever since Mallorie was a little girl, being an artist was her dream but just a few years ago she started getting really serious about her art and perfecting her craft.

Mallorie currently resides in Philadelphia, but has spent most of her life being somewhat of a drifter. She fell in love with the City of New York after living there for a short time and ever since the day she left, she has been trying to find her way back.


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