Anna from visits the distinctive, Le Corbusier designed, Cité Radieuse building in Marseille. Alongside the paddling pool, running track, and hotel situated in this huge building, on the roof you will find MAMO or Marseille Modulor, a space for exhibiting the work of emerging contemporary artists.



MAMO Marseille

Designed by the Swiss-French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, who is much better known under the name Le Corbusier, the world-famous housing unit Cité Radieuse is credited for being the first example of the Brutalist architecture style and philosophy. Le Corbusier built this block with the help of painter and architect Nadir Afonso between 1947 and 1952. It has many features that were revolutionary at that time and that are the reason that living in this monstrous building stays popular to this day.

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The 337 apartments are laid out over twelve stories, with each apartment stretching from one side of the building to the other, occupying two levels and having a balcony. There are also many communal areas throughout the building, one story houses different shops, another one a hotel and restaurant. On the roof, you’ll find a paddling pool for the children of the occupants, a running track, a sun deck, an open-air stage and a children’s art school. Both the hotel floor with some shops and the roof are open to visitors.

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From the top, visitors have a marvelous view of the Mediterranean, the mountains in the background and the whole city of Marseille. And since 2013, the roof of the Cité Radieuse hosts MaMo (Marseille Modulor), an exhibition space that showcases the works of young and emerging artists.

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This contemporary art center was conceived by French designer Ora-Ïto, a native of Marseille, who paid for much of the necessary renovations out of his own pocket. After three years of extensive work on the roof and a lot of discussions about preserving and rebuilding original building plans, he now owns the space together with the co-owners of Le Corbusier and Audi Talent Awards.


The vast, 600-square-meter gallery provides exhibition spaces both inside and outdoor that includes the former gym, running track and solarium of Le Corbusier’s iconic building. It also remains a public space for the residents, housing the local kindergarten and sunroof.


The artists exhibiting at MaMo often utilize the unique properties of the space and exhibitions change regularly, highlighting a different artist and her of his work each time. The price of admission is low, only five Euros, and the access to the rooftop is free altogether. If you are not sure what to expect from the current program, check online before you visit or take a peek inside through the glass doors of the gallery.

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MaMo is closed off for renovations currently but will reopen to the public very soon.

More on MaMo

MaMo – Centre d’art de la Cité Radieuse

280 Boulevard Michelet



Admission: 5 Euro


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