Adam Turman is an illustrator, muralist, printmaker, and graphic designer from Minneapolis, MN, whose bold style offers colorful takes on beloved landmarks and the great outdoors. Adam’s murals can be found throughout the Midwest, and his prints in private collections worldwide. He works with major brands, independent businesses, and private collectors alike to make art part of our everyday.

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Your artwork has a cool retro feel to it, how did your particular illustration style develop?

I grew up in the 80s, and the style of that era definitely influences my art. The bold, graphic style of 80s art, like skateboard graphics, comic books, and heavy metal album art are some of my biggest influences.


You have worked with a number of brands and businesses before, particularly in the music industry. Can you tell us about the different collaborations and the resulting artwork you have created?

In the beginning of my career, I made gig posters for a lot of bands that came through venues like First Ave., the Triple Rock Social Club, and the Xcel Center, including AC/DC, OK Go, and the Dropkick Murphys. In some cases, this work led to opportunities for me to do more extensive work with a band, like album art or merchandise.



Where can people go and see your work?

I’ve created murals for a number of beloved Twin Cities businesses when you’re hanging out around town, enjoying the twin cities, you can find my murals at places like the Butcher and the Boar, 4 Bells, 612Brew, and the SPAM Museum (Austin, MN). Besides murals, I sell prints, and other merchandise with retailers throughout the cities, and participate in several art fairs every year. You can also always find my work at


What is your favorite thing about the Twin Cities?

Minnesotans are a hearty bunch. The weather can be quite extreme both hot and cold, but you can find us keeping active throughout the entire year. I love how much of a sense of community there is. People are passionate about this Minnesota, and contribute to making it a great place to live. The Twin Cities has an extensive music, visual, and performing arts scene. Our vibrant arts community is a testimony to the level of engagement in the community that there is in this town–it’s a great place to make art.

Where do you recommend visitors to check out to get a true feeling of what this city is all about?

Easy, check out a lake or a river when the weather’s nice! You’ll see people on bikes, fishing, boating, taking a walk with friends… The Stone Arch Bridge is one of my favorite places to visit. You’ll see one of the best views of the city, plus both sides of the mighty Mississippi, and there’s many things to do (eat, drink, etc.) in the MillCity area.

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If you can pick one song that best represents the vibe of Minneapolis which would it be and why?

I’m traditionally a heavy metal, punk rock guy. Many of my favorite bands are from the local Twin Cities punk rock scene… however, there’s this one musician who’s work is truly Minneapolis. That artist is Prince. His song, Let’s Go Crazy, is pure energy and has a get-up-and-go vibe. That feeling one gets represents Minneapolis like no other. Let’s go crazy!

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Do you have a life motto?

I’ve got a few mottos, when it comes to my practice, and doing work I’m proud of, I like to say “No Half-Stepping.” One motto that has been influencing my artistic style lately is “keep it simple.” That’s the graphic designer in me talking. As a biker, it’s definitely, “We rode, we saw, we conquered.”

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