As we are celebrating our wonderful planet on Earth Day this month, and as Radisson RED proactively adopts many eco-friendly practices throughout the hotels, we thought we would introduce to you our favorite artists who are making art but also helping the planet, by being paper-free. These artists create beautifully vibrant and uniquely creative pieces, but use alternative materials as their canvasses. From people’s bodies, to the side of a building, discover some new and inventive artists in our paper-free rundown.


ParsaNice aka Parsa Mohseni Rad, is a self-taught 3D designer. Shunning the traditional art teachings at school, he started creating his pieces as a hobby. A basic skill in 2D digital software developed into an interest in the three-dimensional subjects, and Parsa became focused on trying to create ‘realistic’ models and textures. A journey of trial and error and learning how to effectively use lighting, texturing, modelling, eventually lead Parsa to being able to effectively bring his ideas and sketches to life, as amazingly detailed digital art. His piece’s span from ridiculous fantastical creations, to very hyper-realistic, detailed subjects, to his mouth-watering food-like conceptions.
His incredible digital artwork had us mesmerized from the get-go!


MyKindOfCereals rifle_aiming_idle

Hans Hoppe

Hans Hoppe first got the idea to create art from shards of glass when he was 16 years old and tasked with making a collage for his art class. From this small school project, Hans developed his own unique style of mosaic art. Hans draws inspiration for his work from pop art and abstract sceneries, as well as his personal surroundings, and the superficiality and fast pace of modern society. Many of his pieces explore the pressures on people from society and the uncertainty of the future of our civilization: ‘My artistic drive is to capture unique moments out of the broken shards which are left behind by our fast-moving times’. We love the way Hans has used an alternative material to create his pieces, which stand out for their vibrancy and boldness. As for the future, Hans hopes to take his unique collages to a wider audience with exhibitions in Germany and Italy.

1_Three Roses_50x70 3_Tanqueray_40x50 7_Umbrella_60x90


Smug, known as Sam Bates in his everyday life, is one of Glasgow’s most prolific street artists. Known for his larger than life, hyper-realistic portraiture, it’s hard not to spot some of his work on a walk around the cultural hub of Glasgow. Despite being Australian born, Sam moved to Glasgow and quickly became an internet sensation for his amazing street art. He started doing graffiti in his small home-town in Oz, before making Glasgow his permanent home, after visiting whilst on a back-packing trip. He is now a mainstay of the Scottish graffiti scene and is helping establish Glasgow as more of a street art destination. Sam now travels across the UK and the rest of the world to spread his art to others, so keep an eye out for one of his distinctive pieces!


A post shared by @smugone on

A post shared by @smugone on

Alexa Meade

American artist Alexa Meade has turned heads with her new approach to portraiture: the self-taught painter uses people as her canvas. Alexa has developed a unique way of painting people to make them look two dimensional. Inspired by the abstract and vibrant painting of Robert Irwin, Alexa paints on her subjects so they cleverly blend in with their background and appear to be 2D subjects. Her following online is massive and her works have already been displayed at The Smithsonian, The National Portrait Gallery, The Saatchi Gallery and The Grand Palais. She now receives so many requests from people who would like her to paint them, she keeps a list with her when travelling so she always as fresh canvases! Watch out for her upcoming projects including a tech collaboration and a project combining her art with augmented and virtual reality!


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