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On our continued mission to connect with some of the world’s most creative talent we talk to Patrik Larsson, a freelancing interior architect and furniture designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Forget hipster, we think Patrik’s style is post-hipster!

Sweden is famous for its design and creation. How are you influenced by this culture? Do you have any favourite Swedish designers?

When I first started out studying cabinet making I was very inspired by several Swedish male designers, craftsmen and architects like Bruno Mathsson, Gunnar Asplund and others. Right now I am more influenced by contemporary designers who have a more critical approach to design and who want to achieve more than just good esthetics. Some of my favourites include; Sara Andreasson, Kristoffer Sundin, DNK, Frej Wichmann to name just a few of them!

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You are based in Gothenburg. What’s the atmosphere of the city like and what do you love most about it?

Gothenburg is really open minded and has such a welcoming atmosphere that is means a lot of people collaborate and work on projects together. My favorite thing about Gothenburg is that it feels like a big city yet at the same time feels like a small town where everybody knows each other.

In the summer you can take the public transfer boats out in the archipelago which is beyond beautiful. I live in the western part of Gothenburg which used to be the old working class district with close connections to the harbour and this vibe is still present in the overall atmosphere. It is known to be creative area but is now getting a little bit more exclusive. I think the most interesting area is the island of Hisingen where a lot of exciting things are happening right now within the cultural scene.

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You have collaborated with a number of brands and people. What has been your favourite so far?

It is so hard choosing just one. I always think it is inspiring to collaborate with people from different fields of industry. It is a great opportunity to learn new things, exchange ideas, knowledge and gain new perspectives. Every collaboration has been interesting in its own way.

While working with furniture designer Sami Kallio, I made prototypes in his workshop. It is so satisfying to see sketches become physical objects.

I have also been working with Okidoki Arkitekter which has been great, they have an interesting view on architecture as a political means that really appeals to me. They also started the site Archileaks which is a wikipedia for architects to share common information. It is always better to share your knowledge than to keep it for yourself – this is definitely the way that I approach my work.

When I worked for Kristoffer Sundin I gained an insight into the way he works which was very inspiring. He is always in some kind of collaboration with creatives in different fields. After working with him I became confident that it is OK to be a small player in the design world yet still be valued.

I think it is really rewarding to collaborate with artist/designer like Anna Brumark who has a more theoretical approach to design, she is fun to discuss projects with and has a lot of interesting ideas – it really makes me think about the way I work.

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If you could choose one person/brand/business to collaborate with, who would it be?

I am lucky that I do not have to venture very far for my dream collaboration. I have so many talented friends here in Gothenburg that I would love to work with. I am a part of the collective OAS. We are eleven people in the studio who work in different fields of design. The purpose of the OAS studio is partly to enhance collaborations between the members. In the near future we will start cross collaborations and other shared projects in the OAS studio which will result in some really interesting projects.

Tell us about your exciting new and upcoming projects.

Right now I am working as a teacher in interior design which is fun, I really like the thought of being able to share knowledge with others who would like to become designers and architects. It is all about the exchange of ideas.

I get so much back being a teacher. It is also a way to get a grip of what you really do for a profession, to criticize old thoughts, and get a new input about what it could develop into.

I am starting up a web shop called About Time together with my friend and colleague Anna Brumark where we invite craftsmen and designers from Gothenburg to work with selected themes to create collections of limited studio produced artworks.

Right now I am also taking a part time course called Critical Exhibition Studies at HDK (School of design and crafts) where I am working on a project focusing on norm criticism in museums and other exhibition spaces. I think designers have a big responsibility to think about what they are producing and for whom. We can actually have a big impact on other people through the things we design.

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What made you focus on interior architecture and furniture design? Where there any specific influences that made you hone your skills in these areas?

When I studied film some years ago I became interested in working with props, scenography and stage design. I continued to study woodwork which lead me to furniture design. Interior architecture is a nice way to combine those two fields; scenography and furniture design.

I have always been really influenced by the spatiality of rooms and the way different materials can change the feel of a room. I am also very good at practical things like drawing and constructing things with my hands. This combination is probably the main reason I am now into furniture design and interior architecture. The pragmatic design appeals to me because it has a humble feeling to it.

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Patrik Larsson

Age group:

25 – 35 years


Design for many


Exclusivity for few

Life Motto:

Do what you’re best at, take help from friends so that you can achieve completion



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