Vibrant colors, vivid botanical prints and digitally engineered patterns inspired by nature – we are loving everything ‘Psychotropical’ this month! With the plethora of Hawaiian shirts and vibrant floral dresses in stores right now, it’s no surprise we find ourselves attracted to anything and everything tropical-themed! Grab your pina coladas, pull up a deck chair, and enjoy the run-down of our favorite vivid Instagram artists.

Marieanne Morency aka The Tropical Artist

Marieanne is a textile and graphic designer with the ability to transport you to a tropical island through her designs! She has cornered the market in beachy vibes with her trademark patterns of vivacious flowers, tropical fruits, luscious leafs and exotic animals, all in vibrant and clashing colors! We haven’t hankered after hibiscus flower prints so much since our teenage obsessions with Ron Jon Surf Shop and Roxy backpacks!



Yuki Yasuda

Yuki Yasuda Yuki Yasuda This Japanese artist has such a unique style of collage art, combining photography with digital graphics commonly featuring botanicals, butterflies and exotic fruits. Part fantasy fashion editorial, part kooky scrap-book, Yuki allows her imagination to come to life through her art. A future collaboration with a major fashion brand is inevitable for this budding artist.


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Insiyah Shapurwalla

Textile and print designer Insiyah, may be from Philadelphia but her designs are more evocative of the Amazonian jungle than the urban east coast. Her work is inspired by patterns found in nature, from the vibrant displays on butterfly wings, to the marbled blues of the oceans. Insiyah uses multiple mediums to create her mesmerizing kaleidoscopic designs including digital tools, paints, plus illustration and collage techniques.  Quite the multi-talented artist!


Ish R

Ish R. is a visual artist known for his altered and edited imagery. His images give us serious psychedelic vibes with a touch of 80s Miami beach glamour. Think pink palm trees against neon skies and everyday objects and architecture warped into fascinating and effervescent scenes. The most significant aspect of his work is definitely color – If it isn’t bright, it isn’t right! We are just waiting for the next up and coming band to approach him to create their album art anytime now.


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A post shared by Ish.R (@mordecainuccio) on

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