Typography is an art form that visually communicates lettering. From the classic, Times New Roman in a book, to an intricate shop front name; it comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. Modern technology has elevated the practice through digital developments and formed a path for endless design possibilities. We’ve gathered our top five must-follow typographers. They inspire, create and some even teach. Here they are (in no particular order, of course!):


Lauren Hom

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Lauren Hom’s charismatic personality comes out through each one of her designs, they’re fun, inspiring and full of color. Hom works with both hand and digital techniques, and even creates words out of food. With 124K followers there’s something about Hom that people want. Which is probably why the talented typographer shares her skills through hosting creative pep talks and workshops. She has also just recently set up #HOMwork for her followers, a free weekly creative challenge. Over 5000 people signed up in the first week!

To gain access to exclusive content and challenges, have a look through Hom’s Instagram:



Luke Lucas

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Luke Lucas is an award winning freelance creative, whose work spans over two decades. He made his mark in the industry as a self-made designer with his modern, and just a touch outlandish designs. Lucas’ forte is in illustrative typography, custom lettering and type design and he boasts Nike, Target USA, Esquire, The New York Times and The Washington Post as his clients. Each of his pieces have an extremely intricate level of detail and illustrate the time and energy that goes into bringing his ideas to life.

If you want to be inspired by some very impressive designs, take a look at Lucas’ portfolio:




Scott Biersack

Scott Biersack’s Instagram bio describes him as a Lettering Artist, Graphic Designer and Type Designer. He seamlessly partners these crafts to create beautiful designs and original logos. Biersack posts a mixture of sketches and final designs, so you can see the idea first and then the techniques he uses to execute them.

Although his followers may not be as huge as our other ‘top picks’, Biersack is definitely one to watch.



Louise Fili

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An eminent figure in the design industry, Louise Fili is an award-winning graphic designer and typographer. If you scroll through her portfolio, you’ll discover why. Her pieces are stunning, beautifully detailed and bring to life the character of the brand she is designing for. In 1989, Fili’s talent grew into a graphic design studio: Louise Fili Ltd, specializing in brand development for food packaging and hospitality. The renowned creative has also written a brilliant collection of books, great reads if you want to top up your typography knowledge.




Alexis Taïeb aka Tyrsa is a French, freelance graffiti artist, specialising in typography. His work spans murals, logos and posters. He studied at Gobelins, l’École de l’image, Paris, graduating in 2007, developing a strong skill set in design and typography. He believes “in creating engaging, modern and precise visuals” and his work has grabbed the attention of top ad agencies: Publicis, DDB and Sid Lee. Tyrsa’s Instagram portfolio reflects the range of his talent with short video clips of him bringing to life grand murals to handcrafting text onto trainers.

If you take a fancy to Tyrsa’s designs, you can buy his prints of his work for € 70.


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