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Future Positive is an online platform showcasing the stories behind creative entrepreneurs from across the world. Founded in December 2012 by Jakub Michalski and Igor Termenon, their mission is to reveal just how many ambitious and innovative business ideas are circulating the globe at any given moment, and to hopefully inspire others to start creative projects of their own.

Tell us about yourselves and how the idea for FP came about?

We started Future Positive in December 2012. We were both working for a digital marketing agency at that time and decided we wanted to work together on a parallel project that would allow us to do something different and learn new skills.

We saw that there were a few websites featuring the workspaces and homes of creative people but most of them weren’t really focusing on why these people had decided to start their own creative businesses. That’s why we decided to start Future Positive and focus on telling the stories behind creatives across the world.

KORRA by Kassia Karr

KORRA by Kassia Karr

What do you aim to achieve from this project?

We want to inspire people, in some kind of way, to start their own creative projects. We see the website as an archive that people can visit at any time and find what other like-minded people are doing and get inspired.

Lane Marinho by Alexandre Furcolin

Lane Marinho by Alexandre Furcolin

How do you go about selecting talent you’d like to showcase? Are there any specific criteria you use?

We don’t have any specific criteria but we normally look for originality and something that’s well done. We’re interested in people who are in their first stages of their businesses and that are offering something new or perhaps something that already exists with a twist.

Hermine Van Dijck by Joke de Wilde

Hermine Van Dijck by Joke de Wilde

You discover talent from around the world; do you think there are any countries that show a particularly outstanding level of creative flair as a nation?

We think that there are really good things happening everywhere but most of the times it’s difficult to find out about what’s going on unless you live in those countries. That’s maybe the case of most countries in South America. We don’t normally see what’s happening there, here in Europe, but there are so many interesting projects and we’ve featured a few from Chile and Argentina on our website.

The Groundnut by Sophie Davidson

The Groundnut by Sophie Davidson

You’ve worked with some really interesting businesses and entrepreneurs – do you have any favourites and why?

It’s hard to choose but here are some we’ve particularly liked:

The Groundnut: a pop-up supper club in London exploring the western and eastern Africa heritage of its chefs.

KORRA: a conscious denim label based in New Delhi. Each pair of jeans is completed by one tailor from start to finish.

Lane Marinho: an artist and shoemaker from Sao Paulo that creates amazing shoes inspired by nature and modern architecture.

Hermine Van Dijck: a weaver living in Antwerp who is super passionate about her craft.


Photography is a big part of the Future Positive portfolio where have your travels taken you and where is your favourite place to take photographs?

Over the past year, we’ve visited a few places around Europe to create City Guides. Helsinki really surprised us – we loved the architecture in the city and how the exteriors and interiors of buildings are so well preserved and designed. Antwerp was also really interesting from a photography point of view, with lots of small details to photograph on its streets. We also have to say Edinburgh, we’re based here and the Old Town is so picturesque that it’s quite difficult to take a bad picture.

Future Positive Edinburgh

Future Positive Edinburgh

Future Positive Helsinki

Future Positive Helsinki



Jakub Michalski & Igor Termenón – Future Positive

Age Group:

29 & 30


Mexican food and travelling


Flying and long meetings

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Don’t complain, make things work


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