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Painter and digital artist Alice Adams recently graduated from Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts. In the early stages of her career she is currently working from a studio in her hometown, of Derby (UK) and since graduating has exhibited work in group shows in Liverpool (UK). Embracing the digital age in her practice means memes, glitches, gifs and social media and trends are as much a part of creating a painting for her as brushes and canvas.

What inspires you?

I love color. The energy and vibrancy of the colors in my painting reflects the digital world my generation has grown up to embrace. Anything could end up in my paintings! I have developed a kind of visual language that allows me to play with imagery gathered from various sources I come across in everyday life, from junk mail or Facebook screenshots to hand painted vintage wallpapers.

I have a passion for craft and design and growing up with strong willed, creative women in my family my work maintains a strong sense of my heritage growing up in Derbyshire, despite its heavy influence from modern digital and popular culture.

Why is she RED?

We love how Alice has created her own colorful visual language within her art and how you can quite clearly see her love for vibrant and bright colors in her work. We like how she uses digital sources that surround Alice in her everyday life and combine them with the more traditional forms of art to create something new, exciting and full of life.

Work we love…


Future projects:

Alice is currently working on her first solo exhibition which will show in Derby in the summer, ‘DATACRAYON’ a network of new digital and physical paintings illustrating the dialogue between virtual and physical in her practice. Alice is currently in the process of applying for a post graduate Masters degree, and hopes to continue her research into digital media and painting.

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