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Christopher Joseph Gonzalez has always had a passion for music and culture, something he likes to incorporate into his artwork. His artwork infuses classic pop art elements with realism portraiture. His paintings of pop culture icons are impressive for their detailed likeliness of the subjects, whilst adding a layer of intensity thanks to Christopher’s extensive use of vibrant tones and hues.

Painting wasn’t always his primary focus; Christopher was always artistic but when he was younger, his pieces were predominantly sculpture and illustration. It wasn’t until he was in his 20s that he developed his distinctive painting style. He draws inspiration from some of the art worlds greatest talents: from Andy Warhol, his iconic vision; from Vincent Van Gogh, his use of color and unique brush strokes; and from Jackson Pollock, his daring and boundary-breaking. These artists are all discernible influences on Christopher’s work.

Being based in Dallas in Texas, Christopher has always had an abundance of inspiration all around him and enjoys being part of the vibrant arts scene in the area. His love for music also plays an influence on his work, not only in the subjects of his painting, but also in the creation process. Christopher loves to play music when painting as it energises him and helps him project his emotions onto the canvas.

What inspires you?

I believe everyone is an artist in there own way, whether you’re a dentist, teacher, or work in sales you have the ability to impact someone else. That’s ART in a nutshell, impacting the world with something you have to offer. I believe becoming an artist wasn’t really a choice for me, in some ways you could say I was born to become an artist. I think art chose me and I chose to follow it. My inspiration is life itself as cliché as it may sound but that’s my biggest motivation. Not getting to do what I love but getting to live like I want.

We love that music is a big part of artistic drive, please tell us more about this and how it influences your work.

Music is the root of all my influences it moves me and connects me to my work in a energetic or emotional way. I can’t paint without music, I’ve tired and the outcome is totally different. Drive a car with no music one day and feel how odd it is, or better yet watch a play or movie and take the music out of it. Your connection or mood will be lost and that’s how I feel if I’m not influenced by music when I paint, LOST.

Why is Christopher RED?

Christopher’s art is super colorful, vibrant and full of life – qualities we embrace at RED. He produces these amazing pieces of art whilst listening to music and we love how you can really sense the massive amount of energy he has as an artist from his work. His work is a perfect combination of his two passions in life – art and music – and we can’t help but smile when we look at it as he uses so many bright colors!

Work we love…


You can find Chriostopher’s  work at:

AOS (art on the Scene) in LA, Off Sunset Blvd.

Max’s Wine Dive Houston both Washington Ave an Fairview St.

Max’s Wine Dive Dallas off McKinney Ave.and Fort worth off 7th St.

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