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Sean Edward Brown is a Philadelphia raised artist who uses candy wrappers in his mixed media art. He graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with an Associate of Science in Fashion Design, so not only is he a talented mixed media artist but he also has awesome fashion illustration skills too.

The idea of using candy wrappers in his art originally started when Sean ate an exorbitant amount of candy and after seeing the pile of “trash” that was left behind he decided to put this trash to good use. This up-cycling technique that Sean uses shows how you can transform trash to treasure with creative application. Sean would love to use his art to clean up urban areas, using the litter to construct city murals, with the help of schools, out-reach programs and other nonprofit organizations so that future generations begin to reconstruct the way artists look at mediums.

Artists Style

Sean’s style comes from is a combination of ‘going green/up-cycling’, as well as an innovative version of pop art. The texture and branding of the candy wrappers work well together and create a dimensional piece of pop art that really grabs your attention.

What Inspires You?

“I started off my candy themed art recreating original works from artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein and Kandinsky (to name a few). It didn’t take long till I developed my own style and I just ran with it.

I want my art to evoke the same child-like sense of nostalgia as I have for both pop art and the sweets I use to make each piece of art. My concept could be seen not only as a way of preserving the environment that exists today, but also inviting young artists to see waste not as by-product, but rather a medium.”

Why He is RED?

Sean is our February artist of the month because his work is innovative and fun! We love how he uses a throwaway, by product that most people don’t give a second thought about to create something awesome. His artwork is bright, colorful and full of life and we love how when you look closely at the art you can see all the different textures and logos of all of the candy wrappers.


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