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California born pop artist, Chris Hobé also known as ArtRevolts creates a box for the world to think outside of. Through Hobés use of vibrant color combinations, eclectic and historical themes has made his one of a kind art pieces highly sought after. Hobés clientele includes domestic and international celebrities and avid art collectors. His work has been shown at several well-known venues and establishments.  Some of his collaborations include, the W Hotels, Jack Daniels, Svedka Vodka, Bombay Sapphire, Halo Lounge, Atlantic Station, CBS radio, Puma, Lab Art, 20th Century Fox, Lee Daniels and Mellow Mushroom to name a few. Chris was also a regional finalist out of 5800 national submissions to show a piece at Scope Art Show Miami during Basel for Bomba Sapphire Artisan Series.

Hobés dogged pursuance of perfection within his various art forms has seen him travel extensively looking for inspiration wherever he can find it. Currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia Hobés ultimate desire is to encourage the youth to achieve their greatest potential despite adversity and to enrich the lives of others through the beauty and subliminal messages of his art.

Artists Style

The techniques that I use come from years of creating stencils, painting and illustration; each piece is a mash-up of pop culture and iconic imagery.

What Inspires You?

The inspiration for my work comes from everyday life and the layers of life that make up a whole. Each one of my pieces incorporates different layers and iconic nostalgic imagery from comic books, music, logos and patterns. There are always subtle subliminal messages in each piece that draw from pop culture. I tend to use loud and vibrant colors because nothing says in your face happiness like some bright color.

Why He is RED?

Hobés art is bold, vibrant and full of life and that’s everything that RED stands for. His art from afar looks like a mishmash of amazing bright colors, patterns, words and characters but we love how when you get a closer look you’re able to see the incredible detail that has gone into Hobés paintings. We also cannot get enough of the pop art elements to his work either!

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