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Living in several countries has allowed Lu Mourelle to explore and faced the world in its various forms, beauties, controversies and dualities. The contact with multiple cultures, different ways of life and behaviors is imprinted in her work.

Daughter of a multinational executive of technology and mother plastic artist, Lu Mourelle has been witnessing artistic expressions since early age, mainly in the Old Continent, where the family lived for years. Already in adulthood, the professional of the universe of luxury fashion she became, traveled all around to work and enriched even more their emotional baggage.

Because she did not believe that the rounded form of the planet transmitted rigidity and was the messenger of absolute rules and incontestable truths, Lu Mourelle gave her work fluidity and lightness, marks of his creations. The artist techniques mix lots of elements, without neglecting the norms of the classical school. She walks between figurative and abstract, giving the canvases a mysterious and enigmatic aura. Vibrant colors alternate with pastels in harmony; enamels are interspersed between acrylics and latex in a soft coexistence.

Lu Mourelle presents strong and striking characters, but with a touching delicacy of who translates to art exactly what she believes should be real and day by day life: attitude and tenderness walking together.

Can you tell us a bit more about your work?

I have always had contact with the arts, since very early, in their different variants of expression. Although I love music, especially piano, my father would not let me have the instrument at home because we were living in moving. The way was to learn to dance (laughs). But, honestly, my gift was not right there. Hidden, I would make scribbles trying to imitate my mother’s paintings, but it never worked, because my trait was completely opposite to hers. Throughout my life I kept my wishes in relation to the brushes for my intimate moments, where, on my own, I could overcome my worries. When I decided to leave the corporate life and take a personal turn in another direction, the painting came back with everything. There were sporadic courses, self-taught and a multitude of training. Daily and exhausting workouts, but there was not a single day when I did not scribble at least a napkin to keep my hand and head active.

What inspires you?

People, behaviors, emotions and sensations. Everything that talks to my soul and makes me think, makes me paint. From the most common day-by-day scene to the most controversial topic. I firmly believe that inspiration is translated in the word gift and, with this, in fact, we already born, with a greater or lesser degree of development. It is up to us every day to evolve. Work this gift. To develop it, to improve it by the exhaustive practice of observation and realization. Being successful should have inspiration, but sweating is the absolute majority in this equation.

Why is Lu RED?

I think we have great marriages in life. From people, feelings, ideas, ways of existing …  RED presents a philosophy of being and serving with the needs of modern life. It is not rigid in the deal. It’s relaxed, cheerful, funny  and yet it stays extremely professional. Chance and commitment can go together. When we find an organization that combines these two aspects in such a responsible and pleasant way, its experience becomes significant and unforgettable. This is what I seek and do, both for my personal life and for that of the visual artist. So, there was a wedding. An affinity. A recognition of values ​​and postures. Ready! I became a member of the RED family. That’s how I feel, and I’ll tell you: it’s delicious!

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