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Roy Wang; brand manager by day, light artist by night. Roy started creating light art in 2010, and has since become one of the fields most exciting creators. The Chinese artist draws on many of the cultural influences of his country to create captivating illustrations using light as his medium. His artworks are then captured using long exposure photography. Despite being based predominantly in China, Roy travels the world to collaborate with other light artists and pops up in cities around the globe to create his amazing artworks in incredible places! 

Roy’s works have been published and reported in various well-known publications including National Media CCTV, China daily, Chinese Peoples Daily and National Geographic China. He most recently had a solo exhibition in May 2017 in Guangzhou, but if you want to check out Roy’s work, he will be taking part in a large scale light-painting project on July 16th at Yulong Shahu Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, and two LPWA International light painting exhibitions in China during August and October. 

What inspires you?

I began to engage in light painting photography because of my fascination with Chinese culture and characteristics from my childhood paintings and drawings. Unlike other light painters I use simple light strokes to build up complete images, which require many hours of practice. I find my inspiration when I walk around the ancient Chinese streets at night which are juxtaposition against modern Chinese skyscrapers. The most difficult part of light painting is to try and remember exactly what you have already painted, and from which spot to continue painting as the light disappears so quickly!

Why is Roy RED?

At RED we love when artists break boundaries, and light painting does just that. At the point where technology meets art, Roy creates vibrant imagery from beams of light with color as the central feature. His movements are a mesmerizing and beautiful dance that forms an incredible image, a dance which stays in your consciousness well after it is finished.  Like beams from your favorite festival, the bold strokes of light may only be fleeting, but are captured for a lifetime by the wonder of photography.  Roy is based in China but he is a global nomad at heart, much like RED. His artwork draws on traditional Chinese cultural influences and we love how these influences combine with the places he visits around the world creating truly universal pieces.

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