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Juan Travieso (born Havana, Cuba 1987), is an artist based in Miami and New York.  His work explores notions of impermanence and decay through a combined language of pop, realism, and abstraction. Figures, be them humans or animals, are broken up into spaces and forms much like 3d models, speaking to both their temporality and transition into the digital age. 

Juan has exhibited in several different Art Museums nationwide.  These include exhibitions at The Ft Lauderdale Museum, Orlando Museum, MOAH, Honolulu Museum Art School, Cornell Museum, Berkshire Museum, and Naples Museum of Art.

What inspires you?

I find my inspiration everywhere I try to explore my inspirations and learn from them. Ideas that don’t affect humanity but contribute to it are essential to me. My work is produced in a series of installations, working in this way allows me to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and become even more immersed in the subject matter. This helps me understand what I am saying better. For example, in my ongoing series of “Endangered Birds,” I realized after two years of painting that the message of these pieces would be expressed through power in numbers. The more different species I painted, the more the audience would understand the great value of their loss. One of my dreams is to have a retrospective exhibition with all of my bird paintings under the same roof. It would be a grand statement on the toll we have taken on nature.

Why is Juan RED?

Ambitious and daring are qualities in the very flesh of his work; qualities RED advocates and embraces. He is dynamic and approaches painting with great appetite and passion – the results are a feast for the eyes and the mind.

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You can fund Juan’s work at:

Thinkspace art Gallery in Los Angeles.

Juxtapozed – a group show at Fort Wayne Museum of Art (April 21- July 9 2017)

Flourish – a group show at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa Arizona  (May 12-August 13 2017)



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