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Alice Pasquini’s artwork is seen not only on urban surfaces and walls, but also in galleries and museums in more than one hundred different cities around the world. Alice travels continuously and her preferred canvases are city walls. Sydney, New York, Barcelona, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Berlin, Saigon, London and Rome are some of the cities where her work can be found. The Roman artist, both a street artist and painter, as well as an illustrator and set designer, has developed different threads in her research, from narrating feminine vitality to manipulating the three-dimensional possibilities of her work.

Alice graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and has lived and worked in Great Britain, France, and Spain. While in Madrid she completed coursework in animation at the Ars animación school and, in 2004, obtained an MA in critical art studies at the Universidad Computense.

Alice has completed projects with international clients, such as Canon, Nike, Range Rover, Toyota, and Microsoft.  Alice and her work have been featured in New York Times International, The Wall Street Journal, l’Espresso, Panorama, Vanity, and many other international publications.

What inspires you?

All my walls take shape from one of the number of sketchbooks that I bring with me on my trips. They’re like my travel diaries—a collection of emotions and experiences that, in a second moment, become part of a wall on a large scale or in a small, hidden corner of a city. Everything I put on the wall or paint in the studio are everyday moments lived and revisited.

In Rome, where I was born, the beauty of the abandoned certainly influenced me. It pushed my need to give value back to something left behind. Of course on the street my creativity is influenced by many things—the light and the colours of the surroundings (one of the reasons I painted during the day), the people who pass by and their reactions, the fragility of the surface, and spontaneity of my stroke (necessary due to the rapid action). I usually pick walls that are already beat up, often already built up with tags. The scars of the city make the best canvases.

Why is Alice RED?

Alice holds a mirror up to the world – creating bold and colorful street art in unsuspecting places.

Her work has attitude. Her subjects have sass. And her style captures exactly what we love at RED.

Work we love…


Future projects:

Alice has painted over 2000 walls in every continent—except Antarctica. Rome, New York City, London, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Sydney and Berlin are just some of the many cities were you might spot her work.

From June 1 – 4 she will be in Civitacampomarano, a small, semi-abandoned town in central Italy where she acts as the artistic director for an arts festival she founded with friends.

In 2018 she is planning a solo show in Rome, as well as a duo show with Italian artist Maria Pia Picozza.

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