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Growing up in San Francisco gave Dominic Fontana incredible access to diverse artistic expressions and art forms. During the mid-1990s he was introduced to the graffiti scene and he loved the range of colors, shades, and shapes that he was able to create with spray paint. His fascination with street art transferred onto tape, stickers and anything adhesive and his work is heavily inspired by San Francisco’s cityscapes.

In 1998 Dominic entered the metal industry and began to notice the texture and versatility of tape at the construction sites he worked on and from there he started to experiment with tape art on a multitude of surfaces. This discovery and unique combination of materials birthed the name that encompasses his work: Taped Metal Canvas. Occasionally Dominic works with different materials like copper, stainless, and aluminum canvases. As his technique and style evolves, Dominic has experimented with using natural elements of fire, weather, and time to transform or direct a piece.

For his recent work, Dominic has been using reflective tape, this material gives depth and dimension under different levels of lighting and can change the look of the entire piece. Take two pictures of the piece, one using the flash and one without, and each piece offers two different images to enjoy!

Dominic likes to allow his new pieces of art to evolve on their own and he uses different methods like carving, weaving and layering tape to transform the pieces into balanced, symmetrical and abstract pieces of art. He adds multiple layers to add the depth and dimension to draw the viewer into the colors, shapes, and angles.

How did you discover your talent for art and how did you develop it?

I was drawn to the wide variety of tape colors and adhesives while on commercial job sites as a union sheet metal worker. In my mind, being able to stick color onto just about everything was the same as paint, with an added element of exploration and discovery. I’ve collected tapes for over a year before I started to experiment with them on canvas. Once in the motion of using tapes, I quickly jumped to metal as my best canvas option, from there the possibilities were endless and continue to grow. From flat metal to thick metal canvases and to 3-dimensional objects, anything metal is an option, and a welcomed creative journey.

What inspires you?

Inspiration sometimes comes from the canvas I have chosen or is developed directly on the canvas over a long period of time letting it grow as ideas come. Colorful and alive are words that can describe most of my pieces but I won’t hesitate to let natural elements like rust or fire inspire a piece all the way through. Pieces rarely start with a plan and develop organically with tapes available- inspiration happens in the moment. Some projects have been inspired by a challenge and creating a balanced and reflective solution. For example, my current collection in progress, I’ve challenged myself to stay monochromatic with black, greys, and white. This challenge was inspired when my kids expressed “Dad you can’t use all the colors in your art”

Why is Dominic RED?

We love how Dominic took inspiration from his everyday life working as a union sheet metal worker and turned it into art. Dominic is a perfect example of how you really can take inspiration from just about anything and transform it into something great. His methods and style are completely unique and we reckon you’ll struggle to find someone who is doing the same sort of thing as Dominic. We also love his use of reflective tape and the fact that you’re getting two amazing pieces of art for one when you take a picture using the flash and without. Dominic’s art is bold, one of a kind and makes us feel happy when we look at it!

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Dominic’s Upcoming Events

October 18th 2018 – Night under the Star at San Diego Museum of Art

Nov 11th – 12th 2018 San Francisco Open Studios at The Farm

Nov 11th 2018 – Opening at True SF Hip Hop

2018 International Tape Art Convention – Berlin

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