Happy World Goth Day! For those not in the know, World Goth Day is a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world, taking place every year on 22nd May. Aspects of the culture like fashion, music and art are celebrated all around the world by fashion shows, art exhibitions and music performance.

So to recognise this day we thought we would round up five of our favorite goth bloggers who are killing it with their alternative sense of style.

La Carmina

Canadian blogger La Carmina started her blog back in 2007 as a creative outlet whilst she was studying at Yale Law School. She describes her style as Morticia Addams meets Hello Kitty and when she was growing up she took inspiration from the edgy street styles she saw in Japan. Over the years her style has evolved from frills and J-rock to sleek silhouettes and quality materials – but still has that goth, alternative feel to it – and we love her pink hair!






Spanish blogger Lydia is the lady behind Deaddsouls, a fashion blog that is filled with quirky and super cute alternative fashion. Her Instagram feed is the perfect place to scroll through if you’re in need of some outfit inspiration and as you scroll you’ll soon see that there’s a common theme to Lydia’s outfits – a pair of fishnet tights, a band/slogan tee and a pair of killer boots – we can’t get enough! She also has a YouTube channel where she posts styling tips, outfit lookbooks and lots of clothing hauls.




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Sara Luxe

Sara is a stylist living in Manchester. Her website shows off her styling talents but if you take a look at her Instagram profile you’ll get to see more of Sara’s personal fashion choices. Her style gives of serious grungy, rock chick vibes and her outfits are always finished off with a chunky ankle boot or a pair of classic converse – in black of course.




Olivia Emily

London-based blogger Olivia Emily has over 200,000 Instagram followers and when you check out her feed it’s easy to see why. She’s the queen of alternative grunge glam dressing. Olivia’s outfits have a certain theme to them, black, black and some more black. But she manages to make every single outfit look completely different through little touches like jewelery and accessories – showing you that black doesn’t need to be boring. And can we all please take a minute to appreciate her hair! We’re not jealous at all…





Zoe London

Zoe Hellewell aka Zoe London is one seriously cool chick, she’s a blogger/YouTuber by day and a DJ by night! Her style has a punky feel to it, with little modern tweaks thrown into the mix and she always manages to combine high street trends with her alternative style. She’s also another blogger who has the most incredible hair – which is a huge part of her look. Zoe’s hair has been pretty much every color possible and currently it’s an awesome shade of blue – but we think our favorite was when she created her very own ‘my little pony’ hair style and it was dyed like a magical, multi-colored rainbow.




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