After the fun of the festive period is over and you’re back at work there is nothing more enjoyable than jetting off in search of some winter sun. So we spoke to fashion blogger Shalini from Style Devotee for her winter beach getaway essentials.


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1. Carrying a cashmere shawl is useful at the most unexpected moments. You’ll appreciate it when it gets chilly on your flight, when your hair looks like a mess and you need a quick fix, or when your gloomy outfit needs a little pick me up.

2. Carry the book you’ve been meaning to read. It’s more likely you’ll read when you don’t have wifi or if there’s too much glare from the sun on the beach for you to be on your phone.

3. Take care of your skin, a spray moisturizer will keep your moisturizing routine in check, lip balm with a good amount of SPF is definitely an essential no matter where you go, you’ll appreciate having it in your purse.

4. A comfy pair of sneakers are very important so that you can explore places spontaneously.

5. If you’re anything like me, you’ll never forget your phone but you’ll never remember to charge it. Get yourself a portable charger for when you travel! I promise it’ll be worth it when you have only 2% battery left during a very Snapchat worthy moment.

6. A travel basket is my final vacation staple; it’s versatile enough to hold all your essentials in the sand while also serving as a flirty and whimsical accessory.


Besides style, comfort is a huge factor for me when I look for beachwear. I usually pick one pieces with an open back and opt for lighter colors. One of my favorite swimsuits at the moment is the white one pictured below, because it fits me very well and has a very flattering cut for my body type. Wearing a light solid colored swimsuit makes it easier to wear vibrant and patterned cover-ups and pattered headscarves. Headgear, like a fedora, is essential for being in the sun and will save your skin from UV ray damage. To add to the UV protection, always wear sunblock, even when you’re not on vacation! Your skin will thank you for it for years. Lastly, a comfortable pair of sand friendly sandals are definitely necessary if you’re going to have a lot of beach time.

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