There are thousands upon thousands of fashion blogs across the internet which are filled to the brim with today’s latest trends and new pieces of clothing. But there are also a number of fashion blogs across the internet which don’t talk about the latest trends and fashion, instead these blogs are packed full of vintage fashion.

There’s something so elegant and ladylike about vintage dressing, and these vintage bloggers are always able to create their own distinctive looks. So we’ve rounded up five of our favorite vintage style bloggers that you’ve gotta check out!

Retro Chick

Gemma Seager is the lady behind Retro Chick, a UK fashion and lifestyle blog. Gemma has a particular passion for the fashion styles from the 1930s to the mid 1950s and also loves female styling from World War II. Gemma used to work in an office but quit her job in 2007 so she could fully focus on sharing her love of all things retro with the world. Readers can find posts about 5 summer novelty print dresses, how to create a ‘quick vintage up do’ and lots of other fabulous vintage inspired outfits. Gemma shows how glamour doesn’t have to just be for special occasions but something that can be introduced into your wardrobe on a daily basis.


A photo posted by Gemma (@retrochick_uk) on

A photo posted by Gemma (@retrochick_uk) on


Vixen Vintage

Based in Washington DC with her husband, Solanah loves hats, cats and vintage fashion and has a great eye for putting together the perfect vintage outfit from head to toe. Solanah’s favorite fashion era is the 1940s and what’s so great about her looks is that one day she can be a full on vintage icon and the next day she’ll just have a subtle hint of vintage for her look. She can also rock a pastel pink hair color and we think that’s pretty awesome.


A photo posted by @solanah on

A photo posted by @solanah on


Xander Vintage

Alannah Durkovich is a Canadian vintage blogger who has amazing urban street style with a feminine twist. At first glance Alannah’s style might not seem to be very vintage at all, but what’s so great about her style is how she mixes vintage pieces with current clothing from other fashion retailers, creating a fusion of vintage and on trend outfits. She is also no stranger to a bold hair color and has probably tried every single color under the rainbow, and has looked amazing every single time she’s had a color change.



Harlow Darling

Harlow Darling is a vintage lover from Brisbane and looks effortlessly elegant in every single outfit she wears. She has lovely platinum blonde curls and loves bold, primary colors and pretty fit and flare outfits. Harlow is the best at good old fashioned ladylike dressing and she’s rarely seen without a parasol, so cute.



Diary of a Vintage Girl

Fleur McGerr is tattooed vintage girl from the UK, who wears all-out retro styles and looks very much like the original queen of retro Dita Von Teese. She has an endless supply of beautifully vintage patterned dresses and looks elegant in everything she wears.


A photo posted by Fleur (@fleurmcgerr) on

A photo posted by Fleur (@fleurmcgerr) on

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