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Bots Clothing is a burgeoning streetwear brand from Brooklyn, NY. Created by a New York native called London, this new label has the ambitious aim to make apparel that stands out as the best. They want to make clothing that people will stop you on the street to ask where it’s from. We caught up with the driven and creative man behind the brand.



Tell us a bit about yourself and your background…

I go by the name London. I am 27 years old and live in Brooklyn, NY. I am the founder and CEO of Bots, which I started in early September, 2006. I am a fashion designer coming out of Red Hook, Brooklyn. I am the 3rd of 4 siblings and come from the West Indies, from the beautiful island of Barbados.


What motivated you to design street-wear? Tell us about the inspiration behind your brand.

What motivated me to design street-wear was really reading an issue of SOLEBOX magazine where I stumbled across an article about this Asian kid showcasing his style. From that point I was just motivated to design clothes. The sneaker culture is another key point that prompted me to design street-wear. Shout out to Nike for making the best and coolest sneakers of all times. The inspiration behind Bots comes from living in New York City; I admire the different cultures, music, and other street-wear brands.


What makes Bots clothing stand out from the other street-wear brands out there?

The Bots sense of style is simplicity, comfort, cool, and subtlety. Bots Clothing stands out primarily because of our artistry, delivery, and the creative process that goes behind the brand. Everything from the selection of garments to the boldness on the color palettes make the products stand out.


What is your favourite thing about Brooklyn? Why was it the perfect place to start a street-wear brand?

I would say my favorite thing about Brooklyn would be the diversity – it is never boring! It was the perfect place to start my street-wear brand because it is where I grew up.



If you could choose one person in the world to wear Bots clothing who would it be?

Hmm interesting question, I don’t have one person in mind, but I will say, for those who are looking to be fresh, yet stylish…Bots is for you!

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