Check out how Bryanna Bach from Coming in Clutch got on with Red’s vintage styling challenge…

The best place in Cincinnati to shop for vintage pieces is Casablanca Vintage; ask Bruno Mars. The owners have collected pieces from the 20s-90s and have the best closet gems that you can easily incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. The unique aspect to the shop is that the owners catalogue which era each of the pieces are from. For example, these shorts are vintage Ralph Lauren from the early 1990s. Not only are these shorts suitable for the warmer seasons, but they can easily be transitioned into the colder months by layering them over tights or OTK socks. Dark floral prints are also on trend for Fall/Winter 2016, which makes this outfit so on trend. This silk blouse from the 80s is also on trend and channels that the pajama top movement. This top can also be transitioned from season to season through the act of layering.

COMING IN CLUTCH IMG_37611-min 667x1000px copy COMING IN CLUTCH IMG_3696-min 667x1000px


Clothes Mentor is another great find in Cincinnati to collect reasonably priced designer pieces. There I found this amazing textured, pullover sweater. This is a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe during these colder months. We all lust over everything snuggly and cozy and this sweater is no exception. Having a staple sweater to layer over everything is a must! As for the shoes, something with a chunky heel is needed to explore the city. I found these retro, block heels and thought they would look amazing with some textured tights or some fun socks.

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If you’re not from the Cincinnati area, there are millions of vintage shops around the world. I love collecting unique, vintage pieces when I travel, because I always have a special and stylish memento of that city. Over the years I’ve found these vintage earrings in New York and this pair of John Lennon inspired sunglasses in Paris. Through the art of giving and an emphasis on re-using, re-purposing and sustainability, see what vintage, closet gems you can hunt down on your holiday journeys!

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