Personal style blogger Karlmond Tang aka. Mr. Boy talks all about personal style and how in today’s world when it comes to fashion, cities all over the globe have developed their own style and way of dressing.

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A person’s style is built of more than just the clothes on their back. You can make a good guess towards their tastes & preferences, whether they’re a local or a tourist, if the way they dress was considered or they picked up the first thing on their bedroom floor. I think one of the intriguing things about travelling is seeing all these different cultures and surroundings, all of which influence individual style. They say fashion is meant to be a global thing, but it’s the way it becomes localised in the coolest capitals to form these diverse city looks that I find most interesting.


People have referred to London as one of the most diverse cities in the world. While Savile Row has always been accredited for influencing the city’s love of tailoring, London’s true diversity in style derives from its pockets of subcultures over the decades. It’s the 40th anniversary of the Sex Pistol’s ‘Anarchy in the UK’, and to this day punk remains one of the strongest lasting influences on style, fashion and attitude. The DIY aesthetic might have dwindled but the association with uniform remains strong, with people ticking boxes to form an aesthetic. Individuals almost dress as if they are longing to become part of some group, whether it’s the Mods in their Fred Perry polos, or the streetwear kids and their dickies, or the guy who saves his black Oxfords for Friday night.

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Paris seems to have a different air about it. The city is often regarded as the home of fashion and the pinnacle of chic, and that’s no surprise considering France’s luxury market was worth over €16.8 euros in 2014. If you’ve ever been to Paris, it meets all the stereotypes of beautiful people, who seem to have gotten out of bed and scratched their head, put on anything they could find and then walk straight out the door. People look effortless, there’s long coats flowing, loose fitting clothes – the women have this very feminine yet boyish charm, and the men have this assured & confident stride. Everything in Paris seems to display a sense of leisure, whether it’s their long lunches of wine & dining or their people-watching outdoor tables for coffee and cigarettes, combining to create their nonchalant Parisian style.


Scandi-style seems to have the same vibe of effortless, with a much more minimal approach inspired by local popular brands such as Acne Studios or Hope. Everything is relaxed, and if you’ve ever been to places such as Stockholm, everyone is equally chilled mellowing out at fika, which is basically a widely practiced coffee and cake time. That’s probably one of the reasons why they refer to the Scandinavians as particularly minimal. The Swedish have this casual aura, and express it through the way they dress which is neither smart nor casual attire, but something that could equally be worn to the supermarket or the weekend bar crawl. Society and culture plays a huge part in influencing the way people dress, and when you visit all these cities you can understand that even though we’re all seeing the same clothes; catwalks and lookbooks, we’re all re-interpreting what’s presented to us in our own little hometown way.

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