With an increasing abundance of fashion bloggers, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Sheri from Forever Yours Betty however, does just that. She caught our eye thanks to her unique, vibrant style and extreme dedication to everything colorful! Not only that, but she hails from Glasgow – one of our favorite cities (watch this space!). Here we chat to her about her fashion icons, becoming comfortable in her own style, and how we can all take inspiration to inject a little excitement into our wardrobes.

We adore your unique style! Tell us more about your love affair with bright colors, vibrant patterns and interesting shapes? When / how did it start and how did you develop it?

I’ve always been drawn to colour since I can remember. Even during my teen goth years I was the one matching my inch thick eyeliner with fluro pink and yellow! I am a mood dresser, so believe if you dress happy, you feel happy too! There’s nothing I love better than brightening up people’s day – including my own.


Can you tell us what you look for when putting together a style together? What makes a look really work for you?

Usually I start with one particular piece and build my outfit from there. It could be anything from a pair of earrings to even a mood or a feeling. The other day I was channeling my inner New York old lady, with a mustard two piece and door knocker earrings – all I was missing was the green visor and the shopping trolly!

Have you always been confident in your own fashion choices or was there a point at which you finally felt comfortable with your own style?

I’d say I’ve always been afraid to be different, but only truly came into my own style in my 20’s. In saying that, a lot of what I wore in my 20’s was horrific, I still felt like me. Turning 30 however, I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin – clothed or not.


A recurring color on your blog is Orange – you wear it all the time and you have even dyed your hair this vibrant hue! What is your most extreme orange look so far?

Even though I’ve very recently dyed my hair yellow (of the orangest shade no less) orange feels like a part of me. It’s my happy place, so I like to surround myself with it. I’d say my most extreme orange look (if you could call it that) was when I wore this incredible custom Irn Bru dress by the Rodnik Band for the Scottish Style Awards. It was sandwiching two of my loves together really!



Do you have a fashion icon? If so who and why?

I have a few. I’m really inspired by cartoons and fictional characters, everyone from the Jetsons to Twin Peaks to Gossip Girl. I love dressing to a theme and characters really know how to have fun within their wardrobes! In real life, I’d say my style icons would be Iris Apfel, Spanish artist and blogger Miranda Makaroff, and my mum in the seventies.


You are a master at putting together clashing combinations to create chic outfits. Which shops are we most likely to find you in?

Most of my outfits consist of a mix of high street, vintage and local. I think this outfit recipe makes it easy to put together interesting looks. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling like a mannequin by dressing head to toe in one brand.


Please can you give us any top tips for those wishing to add some excitement to their style?

Wear what makes you happy, and find your signature colour. When I open my wardrobe almost everything matches with each other, as it’s either oranges and yellows, or blue tones! Think of dressing as painting by numbers, but dressing with colours!

What’s your life motto?

I have two, if you don’t ask you don’t get and go big, or go home!



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