Fashion blogger, model and stylist, Delaney Childs (aka The Styled Seed), is a master of re-working retro trends into her modern style. Here she explores her fascination with flares and gives some fool-proof tips on working them into your own wardrobe.


Do you ever find yourself drooling over a picture of a seventies babe with frosty lips, Farah Faucet bangs, and a pair of killer flares? I sure do. For most of my life I have been heavily influenced by fashion trends of previous eras because they are simply just too good. The reason many of these trends are making a comeback is because they never should have left!

Flares are one of my absolute favorite trends from the past. I’ve been opting for the bell-bottom version of everything and anything for as long as I can remember. Of course I went through a phase during my tween years where I wanted nothing but skinny jeans, but I was soon drawn back to the classic fit of the flares. Denim, overalls, slacks, even capris… I love them all in the form of flares.

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For me personally, I love flares for many different reasons. I love the idea of having my outfit be somewhat nostalgic. Often times when I show up to a family event my grandma or my mother will reminisce on the fact that they used to wear something “just like that.” In a way it’s heart warming to wear the trends of the generations before you. Flares are also a great option because they elongate and slim the body. And I mean who doesn’t want the appearance of longer leaner legs? I sure wouldn’t mind. Plus they are a fun way to mix things up and make a fashion statement while still being subtle. They are bold enough to stand out but they wont make people point and wonder if you got dressed in the dark that morning.

Flares are also a huge hit because they are so easy to dress up or down. When I am going for a dressier look I like to wear dark wash high wasted flares. For example, these would pair great with a cotton button up. This would be a perfect business-casual look, a great choice for the work place.

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If you are rocking flares to an even dressier occasion I would pair them with a neutral toned lacy top and some heels. This creates a clean-cut sleek look, that easily lends itself to a dressier occasion.

When I am going for more of a laid back bohemian look I like to wear low rise light wash flares, or cotton flares that have a fun pattern. For example, I often pair a flowy blouse or an earthy toned crop top, a hat, and lots of accessories for this look. This creates a cool and casual look that is perfect for lazy days or any other casual affairs. These are just a few ways that I like to style my flares, but the possibilities are basically endless.

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However, there are still a few things I would try to avoid when wearing flares. One of the best parts of them is their length, therefore I would suggest wearing a wedge, heel, or platform. Unless your flares hit you perfectly while still wearing flats, avoid the flats. It’s not cute to be dragging the excess material of your flares all across town. Be nice to your clothes!

I would also suggest avoiding anything super “trendy” when styling flares. Because they are a classic and timeless piece, when paired with whatever current and trendy style we’ve delved into it can look completely mismatched and unappealing. When styling flares you can do a lot of things, but I would recommend keeping it somewhat classic and simple.

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So as you can see, I was totally born in the wrong era. But that’s okay because flares and many other trends from the past are making a strong comeback and I am loving it, and this love affair will not be ending anytime soon. They are fun and funky, super flattering, and are full of styling potential. Don’t be afraid to dive right into this retro style and have fun with it!

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