Radisson RED and fashion go together like peas and carrots. So it’s no wonder that recently the Radisson RED, Glasgow partnered with the Glasgow Caledonian University to challenge their students to create a unique garment inspired by – what else – Radisson RED.

The students were given the following brief to help guide them in creating their unique look:

• It should be a wearable exhibition piece to be showcased in Radisson RED Glasgow
• The collection should take inspiration from Glasgow and the transformation of the Finnieston dock area.
• It should ‘transform’ into a new detail, a new garment, a new way of wearing – with versatility in mind.
• It should be ‘gender neutral’ (suitable to be worn by and fit all genders)
• It should incorporate an element of sustainability
• It should incorporate the colour RED


The fashion show was amazing, and after careful consideration, the below outfit by Vanessa Wylie was chosen as the winning design!


We also interviewed one of the students to ask them a little bit more about their creative process. Here’s Ryan Veeramootoo, a 26 year old student who was one of the finalists in the competition.


What elements of Radisson RED inspired you the most?

During the visit to Radisson RED, Glasgow, the elements of the hotel that I found to be most inspiring were the use of colour and shape in both the structure of the hotel itself and its fixtures and fittings. The foyer and rooms displayed an interesting use of contrasting colours and shapes, from very sleek and simple silhouettes to intricately designed statement pieces. For example, the building with its almost iridescent metallic structure inspired me to use a metallic silver fabric for both my shirt and trousers and for the lining of my coat.

I incorporated the statement window detailing into my garments through pocket detailing and paneling, giving the feel of the outer exterior of the hotel, using indoor features such as the visible ceiling fixtures in the Sky Bar as inspiration for my shirt detail and the parallel lines displayed in the tartan fabric. As the hotel is named Radisson RED, I wanted red to be the main bold colour of my coat with contrasting colour details, much like within the hotel, using a mixture of techniques to create something that was both sleek and simple in silhouette but with intricate trims.


What was the most challenging part of this competition for you?

The most challenging part of this contest was forcing myself out of my comfort zone. Any project I’ve worked on – up until this point – has been purely womenswear, with a strong nod to evening dresses. I’d never previously worked on creating garments that could be deemed ‘gender neutral’. It’s been a rewarding experience as I’ve now branched out of an area that I’d have deemed a safe space and it’s given me the confidence to take on other projects. Working with tartan was also a slight challenge as ensuring that the checks match takes time and effort. This experience has definitely provided me with new skills that I can now take forward with me.


What makes your garment versatile and why would it be good for a Radisson RED guest?

The coat transforms into a cropped jacket through using a zip to divide the garment, as do my trousers. The trousers transform from statement flares into culottes. I’ve added zips to the sleeves of my shirt as a way of giving the option to have a fitted sleeve or a flared sleeve. As the shirt is made from a heavier denim, there is also the possibility to wear this over a longer top as a jacket. Aside from physical features my outfit offers versatility as it can be worn by someone with any gender identity, the coat I am now going to keep for myself.

This outfit would be perfect for a Radisson RED guest as while out seeing what Glasgow, taking into consideration the likelihood that it will probably be a rather cold or wet day, the guest can wear the coat in its full length, fastened over with the flared trousers to compliment. After a day of exploring the outfit can then be transformed into the tailored bolero style jacket, accessorized with the fly plaid, teamed up with the culottes to create the perfect statement outfit. The perfect ensemble to enjoy a meal and cocktail in the Sky Bar, whilst taking in the beautiful view that the bar has to offer.




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