Cici is a NYC based wardrobe stylist, creative director, fashion designer, blogger, feminist and activist. In this post she gives us her top five tips for being bold with your style.

“What is a bold look?” There are many different interpretations but for me having a bold style is to accept your body and personality to its fullest. It means that a woman or a man is totally confident with what they are wearing and how they’re wearing it. With a great sense of style, they naturally and visually stand out, but, most importantly, it is character- affirming. We call that mastering the power dressing!

Here are 5 easy tips on how to be bold with style! Because nothing is better than being empowered with the self-confidence that comes with a new look.

1. Throw on some “pop” And by pop, I mean colors, of course. Personally, I am a colorful girl. I love all colors without discrimination! And I know that many of you are probably skeptical about the subject, but trust me, there is no age, shape or skin tone boundaries. So, don’t hesitate anymore! Add a touch of color in your life, it’s eye-catching and usually refers to a fun personality.


2. Prints fever. A very fresh and stylish way to celebrate your individuality, with an infinite number of different designs in so many beautiful shades that you can’t say no to!
 From retro animal, modern graphic, to vibrant floral patterns, these guaranteed attention-seekers can also be mixed together creating a very fashionable and audacious look.

tip-2-prints-lltip-2-prints3. Don’t forget to accessorize. I, myself, can never leave the house without at least a watch and earrings, otherwise I would feel naked. They say that accessories are the exclamation point of your outfit because they enhance your look giving you a classy and stylish touch. So, don’t forget to complete your look with some cute earrings or necklace. 


4. Frills everywhere. This is one of the latest bold trends that you can’t ignore this season, you’ll find them in pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, pretty much everywhere. Styled with different pieces, they can be classy, retro, baroque or modern and very cute so make sure you don’t miss out. Start with a single piece that you’re most comfortable with or if you’re feeling super confident get them all. I wear them all! 


5. Leather power. A timeless and a basic tool that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Especially as a dress or a skirt; leather can be bold, powerful and dressed up or down.  So, next time you want to dress to impress think about choosing this look.

To conclude, my last piece of advice for today is to be proud of yourself, be strong and accept your beauty and femininity. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that “you’re not worth it” or “it is not made for you” or “that’s not your style”. Nobody knows you more than you, what you deserve, and how amazing you are.

So go on, be bold, for a change!

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