Are you going to a festival this year and have no idea what to wear? Andrea Whitt from Boho Bunnie gives us her hints and tips to help you put together the perfect festival outfit.

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It’s almost that time of year when the flea markets of Los Angeles will be picked clean of all fringing, handmade kimonos, and vintage Wrangler cut-offs. Instagram accounts will be filled with carefully curated shots of what to stash in your distressed vegan leather Coachella carryall, and suddenly even the most business casual type stores are offering the trendiest festival finds for all you boho babes.

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Festival fashion has become a global industry. On almost any given day throughout the course of the year, you can be attending a music festival somewhere in the world. I was only halfway joking when I challenged my festival-obsessed cousin to try to live one full year on a continuous music festival tour.

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Dressing for these events can be a little daunting especially after scrolling through Pinterest photos of last year’s celebrity festival fashion spotlights of Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens. Somehow these luscious ladies pull off a look that seems so comfortable yet so unique, sexy, and stylish without following the trends. Yes, most of these stars do have stylists, but with enough prep time and a little creativity anyone can be a festival trendsetter.

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Shop vintage. Flea markets and vintage stores for the hands-on type, and for those of you like myself who would rather not leave their house and battle Los Angeles traffic, search Instagram for your new favorite online vintage shop. Most of the time these items are way less expensive and you won’t once use the hashtag #twinsie in a photo.


More is more. Add that extra stack of bracelets or triple up on layered necklaces. As long as you feel comfortable moving, dancing and walking through a parking lot dust storm in it, wear it! Accessorizing your outfit really highlights your personal style and can take a simple and inexpensive ensemble and make it look like you have a live-in stylist.

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Dress in layers. Wear a bikini top, bralette or bandeau that you don’t mind showing off in case it get’s too hot. Bring a kimono or light coat that can double as a lawn blanket. Way too may times I wish I had opted for longer shorts when taking a seat on the turf.

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Up-cycle existing pieces. Take your favorite triple-wrap beaded bracelet and wear it as a choker, or wear your favorite necklace as a headpiece. Get creative and Shibori dye an oversize denim shirt or bandana. And if you have any items on their way out the door to the Good Will, try your hand at fashion design and shorten a hemline or make a cropped shirt.

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Be comfortable. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the festivals are about having fun, enjoying music and making memories. An outfit should never get in the way of your good time. Part of looking good is feeling good, so be 100% comfortable with what you’re wearing and you will have fun and look good doing it!


And most of all: express yourself! At their best, festivals are places of communion where creatives get together to express how they feel. The same way a band you’ve never heard of before can turn out to be your favorite band of the day, be open to doing something brand new. You might just start the next festival trend yourself!

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