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Claire Creighton tells us all about Goodhood, the coolest store in Shoreditch, London that should be top of the ‘to visit’ list.


Shoreditch is home to very few shops which have stood the test of time in what was once East London’s design and cultural hub. As the restaurants get classier and bars swankier to keep up with the evolving crowds a few shops have clung on to their roots.

There’s Labour and Wait, which opened on Redchurch street in 2000 selling timeless, functional, every day products. From the beautifully made aluminium dust pan and brush sets and kitchen essentials, to heavy cotton work aprons and leather bags. Design store SCP, founded in 1985 has seen nearly 3 decades on Curtain Road stocking statement pieces for every space in the home, caring as much for stationary as sofas.

Goodhood is another prime example of somewhere that has stood the test of time and you can understand why. Opening in 2007 and expanding a couple of times, it’s currently located just a mere stones throw from the original store on Coronet Street. Founders – Jo Sindle and Kyle Stewart, a couple with a background in design for a host of mega brands, have a very good eye for what’s cool, keeping their carefully curated clothes, accessories, homeware and furniture in line with their love for simple Scandinavian design, skate brands, graphics and bright colours.




Even before you step through the door there is evidence of the hip collection that awaits inside – the silver GOODHOOD on the front door step beckons you in to a world of cool. The ground floor focuses mainly on clothing, underwear, footwear and accessories. A mix of well known brands such as Vans, Adidas and Levi’s, can be browsed along side the lesser known Belgian sisters’ streetwear brand Filles A Papa, Danish menswear designers Norse Projects and Norwegian jewellery designer Tom Wood. In 2013, the store branched out and started an in-house designed line named Goods, which features punk style seditionaries inspired graphics on T-shirts, posters and accessories and they have also collaborated with international brands such as Clarks, Timex and Carhart over the years.




Downstairs, Goodhood have collected enviable pieces for the home ranging from the functionally designed to the unnecessary yet appealing. The Studio Arhoj’s collection of ceramic ghosts somehow have you wondering where they could go in your house …and such visually pleasing storage solutions as the Vitra Uten.Silo – a plastic board with clips, hooks and different sized containers make you wonder how you survived without them.





Not as stark as a lot of concept stores, the shop manages to retain an air of lightheartedness with features such as the Gelchop white plastic log bench and the over-cluttered shelves, it has a much more casual feel. Luckily when we asked the owners whether they were thinking about expanding further, they hinted at new stores and broadening their global audience so hopefully we’ll be seeing baby Goodhoods popping up elsewhere very soon…



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