Animal print – a trend that works for every season, all year round! We spoke to three fashion bloggers from around the world and asked them for their top tip on how to style animal print so that you can rock the look anytime, anywhere.

Lurchhoundloves: Charlotte Buttrick, Macclesfield, UK

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When it comes to styling animal print, I like to keep things subtle to fit in with my love of minimal fashion. So, if you also share a love of basic wardrobe staples and more minimalistic prints and looks, my top tip for styling animal print would be to go for a subtle print in one wardrobe staple. This could be a shirt, skirt, jumper or a jacket. Go for an animal print that is a color scheme that will match with the rest of your wardrobe. Leopard print is great if you have lots of neutral and brown tones in your wardrobe and zebra print is the perfect companion for all monochrome lovers.



High End Hippie: Kristen Ritchie, Los Angeles, USA

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To me styling animal print is a no brainer. Why? Beacuse I consider it a neutral. Just like I consider army green a neutral color and how we classify denim and khaki as the same. Really the only difference is the addition of the subtle pattern. The overall color and make-up is the same. This dress could have been red, pink, or green and it still would have paired perfectly with the cardigan. It would just change the overall look. Pair it with red? Va-va-voom. Pair it with army green? Very understated and effortless. It’s so versatile and definitely a trend that everyone can participate in. Try it for day or night, you can’t go wrong.



The Lipstick Fever: Emily Roberts, New York, USA

Emily Roberts The Lipstick Fever 2 Emily Roberts The Lipstick Fever 5 Emily Roberts The Lipstick Fever 1

Where do I begin? There are SO many ways to rock animal print. What I love most about this trend is that these patterns are made up of neutral colors, so you can really mix things up when it comes to styling.  Pair with pops of color, other patterns, or go more monochrome.  Anything goes.

For this look, I decided to pair a grey leopard jacket with black pants and touches of neutrals to compliment the pattern. I also LOVE a good rocker chic look. Throw on any vintage concert t-shirt for a casual touch.  Pair with your best fitting skinny jeans. And compliment the look with a rad pair of sunnies and a bold but neutral lip color (go with a matte lipstick- they are generally very pigmented and give lips a nice pop).

Below is a quick summary of tips and tricks to keep in mind when styling animal print.

  1. Treat animal prints like a neutral hue – pair with pops of color, patterns, or keep it monochrome.
  2. Go with a bold or neutral matte lipstick.  Be daring and have some fun with it!
  3. Wear with black. It keeps the entire look a bit monochrome which is always an outfit DO.


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