Meet Sabrina Lucas; a fashion stylist and creative artist who is bringing the RED fashion experience to life at the SIRHA conference in Lyon.

Tell us little bit more about yourself and how you came to work in the fashion industry.

‘”The fashion industry” is an inadequate expression for me. I am a designer who learned sewing along with her aunt Nathalie. I would call it more a transmission of passion.

And what does your job involve?

Today, this involves tailor-made work, in several stages. I begin with an encounter, then I define a theme, develop a few sketches, search for fabrics, then finally I start putting the fabric on a mannequin. It is at this moment that ideas travel in every direction. This is the best time. The dress finally comes to life! Afterwards comes the technical part, which I leave to the seamstress.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Radisson RED? Are you developing a range for RED? If so please tell us more about this?

This is actually my second Radisson RED collaboration. The concept of the Radisson RED is to create a dynamic state of mind between art and fashion. I like to create an artistic performance in this cultural and dynamic spirit. This year, I drew and made dresses in collaboration with a Nantes-based artist, ISTHME. She will paint the garment live. The idea is to make a dynamic creation but leave room for the unexpected. These pieces are perhaps the beginning of a collection of a Radisson RED range.

Who are your style icons? Why do they inspire you?

I do not have well-defined style icons. I really like Jacquemus for his offbeat style that’s a bit masculine. I also love the Chloe house that inspires lightness, freedom, romance.

Please describe your own style.

I think my personality brings together my style; sensitive, determined, sometimes ruthless but also fragile, romantic persevering, passionate and dynamic. With me it’s all or nothing!

Who’s style do you admire most?

If I had to choose one person whose style and philosophy I like, it would be Tilda Swinton.

Share with us your tips for the next season’s fashion trends – what should we look out for and how should we wear it?

Next season? I try to detach myself from “trends”. I compose my outfits according to my meetings, my walks, my observations … I think each person is singular and free to dress as he or she wishes; in pyjamas, jogging pants, a dress with or without heels … the essential point is to feel good about oneself.

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