Maximalism, the fashion trend that was seen all over the catwalks at Milan Fashion Week A/W 2017.

This is the type of look where everything is exaggerated, the bigger, the more extreme, the better – think oversized ruffles, fringing that touches the floor, neon colored fur, materials with loads of texture. This trend definitely isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s for the fashion brave; the ones who are bold and expressive with their style – definitely a fashion trend that we can get behind!

In honour of this trend we spoke to two fashion bloggers, Natalia Homolova from Natinstablog and Siobhan Maroney from Justauniform and asked them to give us their top tips on how to wear the maximalism look.


Natalia Homolova

Maximalism is about expressing yourself and your individuality. You shouldn’t be afraid of mixing colors and prints and to make bold color choices. Large ruffles and oversized jackets are still on the top of the must have list. Accessories are the key! Funky sunglasses, large earrings, colorful bags, extreme shoes, glitter and face gems.. just have fun and play with it!


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Siobhan Maroney

Siobhan’s philosophy is ‘more is more, less is a bore’ so she is perfectly placed to advise on this current trend.

I dress for me. I dress to make me happy. I don’t care what time of year it is or what the latest trend is, I wear what I like, when I like. Below are some of my top tips for embracing the maximalism trend.

Color at first sight

For me, my hair is everything, it expresses who I am, how I feel and it’s there all the time. I receive comments about my hair on a daily basis, it makes me happy and I truly believe it makes others happy.

I am not saying you have to have colorful hair to be a maximalist but it does help!

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Get your head into gear

Whether its turbans, flower crowns or a classic Baker Boy, a bit of headgear completes an outfit. It says I know what I’m doing when it comes to accessories and I’m not afraid to show you!


Find an accessory you love and experiment

For me, this is eyewear, I can’t get enough of it. I have been in love with glasses for an extremely long time. My glasses are getting bigger and better as time goes on and I am yet to find a pair of glasses I don’t love.


Happy feet

I’m a big fan of metallics, bright colors and footwear that looks different from the norm, whether that be in shape or design.


The talking point 

If I could only give you one piece of advice, it would be to purchase one item that truly speaks volumes. That way even the dullest of outfits will be instantly lifted. For me, it’s this bag, it encapsulates everything I love. Color, metallics and faux fur.


Clash those prints

I dare you!!! Whether it’s leopard print, floral, stripes, checked, diamonds or geometric, get mixing those prints. You’ll be surprised how well they all work together.


Finally………. wear WHATEVER you what

Yup that’s right, do whatever you like. Throw the rulebook out! You want to wear sequins on a Tuesday to go food shopping in, do it. Trust me, it makes everyone happy.


Why not head over to Siobhan’s blog where she gives you the full beginners guide to maximalism fashion!




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