We chat to fashion stylist and blogger Elodie Fromenteau about how she got into fashion and her tips on how to style neon into your wardrobe.


When was the first time you knew you wanted to work in fashion? Can you tell us how you got into fashion styling?

I think it started when I was working for Diesel in Bond Street which was about 5/6 years ago. That was my first step into the fashion world. I was a sales assistant but I was giving more of a personal styling experience to my clients. And I realised how natural, easy and fun it was for me …so I thought that’s what I should be doing, right?!

I got into fashion styling by interning & assisting the amazing Erica Matthews for about a year. Don’t think it’s all roses & fairy tales though! The life of an intern starts by pulling and returning pieces to PRs and designers. Most of the time you carry two suitcases with extra bags and you have to run all over cold and rainy London, and you don’t get paid for this! But hard work pays off, I became Erica’s assistant after few months and got to dress and style the models during photoshoots and that was the best part.


You’re London based, but have French and Rwandan roots. How does this effect your style? Do the different cultures influence your wardrobe?

It sure does! It’s not something I think about when I dress up but looking at my wardrobe I definitely can see the influence of both my French and Rwandese roots. I guess the French gave me the ‘ chic and sophisticated ‘ while the Rwandese made me play with vibrant colours, different patterns and textures. I love adding a tribal element into my styling. That could be a piece of jewellery for example but that little detail shows character and this is what I love about dressing up… You can just express who you are through what you are wearing!


You have done some modelling as well. How has this experience influenced your work?

Yes I did a little bit of modelling in the past and I’m about to do some more in the near future. I just love photoshoots. I love working with creative minds, that’s what I like the most. Everybody brings something to the shoot and that’s when magic happens!

My energy gets pretty high backstage and on stage. Even as model I always end up taking behind-the-scenes photos for the team and of course I’m very much looking at the styling. I’m very curious by nature so I’m a kinda all over the place!  Modelling not only helps me get contacts for potential future clients but it also inspires me and expands my creativity!

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We want to mine your fashion knowledge! We love neon and bright vibrant colors, but don’t know how to wear them without looking like we are on the way to a rave! Can you give us your top tips on wearing neon colors? How can we easily work it into our wardrobe? 

1st tip: Have fun and embrace those colours. Colors make me happy so don’t forget to wear a big smile on your face.

2nd tip: Know your combo – what colors work with what, for example this year I’m very obsessed with the color combination of pink and green. They are so many out there – pink/orange – green/blue – red/yellow etc. But that doesn’t mean you only have to keep it to two colors. You can add more as long as you create a nice color palette.

3rd tip: Keep you basics neutral – denim/grey/black and white will enhance your bright pieces.

4th tip: Play with different textures and add some prints into your styling. That will compliment your outfit and will look very cool all together!

5th tip: If you have a favorite bright piece you want to wear but don’t want to play with many colors just let that piece be the star of the outfit! Go for an all-black everything styling, then play by adding some quirky and fun accessories that will compliment your colorful piece.

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What’s your favourite bright color and why?

My favorite color?! Oh wow that’s a tough one. I LOVE all colors. I used to have a preference for red when I was younger, because it’s powerful and bold. But in terms of styling I would say maybe pink ? Or green, because they both have so many different shades, from pastels to dark to neons. But I can’t really answer this questions – I guess it changes every season.


Finally, what are your handbag must-haves when you are travelling around the world?

A camera – I LOVE taking millions of photos wherever I go. Travelling inspires me so much.

A little travel guide – to know where’s the best places to go! But to be honest those days you can find everything on the internet and by simply communicating with people.

A power bank, this always comes in handy.

Shades ALWAYS.

Concealer, eye brow pencil and lipstick are my top three make up picks – these three items help to keep me looking fresh wherever I am in the world.

And finally headphones are a must have, they help to relax your mind or put you on a good vibe as you’re exploring the world.



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Images by Jaz Jagdeo

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