Yeah, we know end of year lists are sooo last season, but we like to think of them as charmingly retro. And, when it comes to our favorite fashion blog pieces from Amplify RED, we’d say they’re more timeless classics than end-of-line castoffs.


6 of the Most Extreme Fashion Shows


We loved reading about the moments when fashion stopped taking itself too seriously, took a long hard look at itself,  and decided it was time to have some fun. Because that’s what fashion should be about, yeah? We especially loved how even the big fashion houses – Lagerfeld at Fendi, and, guess what, that man again, this time at Chanel – breaking free of the catwalk protocols and doing something amazing and provocative with the medium. Cue the Great Wall of China getting more than a walk-on part.


6 Menswear Bloggers You Have to Follow Now

We heart the internet, but of course, you need to be able to tune your digital antennae to focus on the people who really have something to say – and whose judgement is always on the money. Step forward the menswear bloggers really making our world a sartorially sensational place right now…


Fashion Tips For Bold Change

Talking of cool bloggers who are ruthlessly on point, we spoke to NYC’s blogger, stylist and all-round sharp shooter, Cici, to get her instant wardrobe of tips to supercharge your look. We love her no-nonsense approach to head-to-toe transformations. And we love how, with her, it’s not about the money, it’s about the attitude. Hey, she’s from NYC, it goes with the territory.


A Finnish Take on Shoes

Happy birthday Finland! Did you know the Scandi-nation is 100 years old this year? Well, now you do. And did you know it’s a country in love with shoes? Well, you’d have been in no doubt if you’d read our quirky and colorful celebration of one of the country’s best-loved fashion-forward shoe designers, Minna Parikka. Her playful and pretty shoes are the best start – and, ahem, Finnish – to any outfit.


Extreme Style – Q&A with Forever Yours Betty

“Wear what makes you happy, and find your signature color,” said our favorite technicolor blogger,  Sheri from Forever Yours Betty. Well, we assume she’s still looking – judging by the gloriously clashing array of colors on her assemblage of vintage, retro, high street and home-made pieces. Her outlook on life is just as vibrant, rainbow-hued and happy. And we love her for it.


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