Some of you might feel like the winter months are the perfect time to wear your winter colors (we certainly do). The air is getting colder and the nights are getting darker so your winter wardrobe has to match the season, think colors like burgundy, deep purple, forest green, brown, black etc. Well that’s not the case for these colorful Instagrammers…

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite neon ladies on Instagram who wear every color under the rainbow all year round! Their Instagram feeds are a constant stream of bright and cheery neon colors and we can’t help but smile when we scroll through.

So have a read, get inspired and shake up your winter wardrobe with some neon fun!

Tilly Baker

Tilly Baker is an Instagram rainbow queen from Australia who has had pretty much every hair color under the sun, from bright green with yellow at the ends to magenta pink. Tilly is no stranger to neon and she often wears amazing multi-colored outfits from head to toe. She is also pretty awesome at makeup and manages to make wearing neon colored makeup look like an every day necessity.



A photo posted by 🌈Tilly🍦 (@tillybaker) on

A photo posted by 🌈Tilly🍦 (@tillybaker) on

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Chrissa Sparkles

We can’t get enough of neon (or should we say neon pink) Instagrammer and YouTuber Chrissa Sparkles, who currently lives in sunny Los Angeles, California. Her Instagram feed is a constant stream of bright and colorful outfit images, think neon pinks and purples, with the occasional yummy looking sweet treat thrown in for good measure. Chrissa’s eccentric and bubbly personality is perfectly displayed through her colorful outfits and we’re slightly obsessed with her neon pink hair (can you tell what her favorite color is?).





Cynthia Moreno

Cynthia is a colorful Instagrammer who documents her life on Instagram whilst living in the sunny state of California. Her feed like Chrissa Sparkles features lots of pink but she does throw lots of other cheery neon colors in too. Cynthia’s Instagram fills us with joy as she constantly shares lots of fun outfit posts, as well as lots of colorful locations and houses. We asked Cynthia for her top tip on styling neon fashion and here’s what she said…

“I think one tip I have is paring it with either a pattern (like a black and white) or a fun graphic t. I think it really makes the color piece pop and makes for a fun statement.”



A photo posted by Cyn (@hotpinkpineapples) on

A photo posted by Cyn (@hotpinkpineapples) on


Sophie Loghman

Sophie Loghman is a rainbow loving colorful princess who loves to wear glittery boots and pink tulle skirts on a daily basis. Her Instagram feed is a ray of sunshine and she loves to fill her wardrobe with bright neon colors. We asked Sophie for her advice on styling neon fashion and here’s what she said…

“Bold neon is a perpetual fashion favorite this year, but for those who may be a little color shy, this fashion trend can be a bit intimidating to take on full force. It’s important to not go overboard with fluorescent-hued clothes and accessories when tackling this neon trend.

To make your outfit bigger and brighter than ever, add a pop off neon through a fun accessory (necklace, purse, shoes, belt, etc). If you’re wearing a neon clothing item, be sure to compliment it with a neutral so that your outfit doesn’t scream color. This will shift your outfit focus to the vibrant color and really make you pop.”




Rosie Clayton

If there’s one thing Rosie knows how to do, it’s how to find the perfect Instagram wall (yes there is such a thing) to shoot her images in front of. Rosie’s outfits are super chic and although she might pose in front of some seriously colorful and patterned walls she still manages to stand out in her fashionably colored outfits. She lives in Chicago and seems to have a secret wall radar where she always manages to scout out the best walls to shoot in front of no matter where she is. She’s even created another Instagram account called @WallTraveled which is dedicated to colorful walls around the world.




Courtney Quinn

Courtney is the lady behind Color Me Courtney, a fashion blog where she shares her obsession with color, amazing eclectic oufits and her day-to-day life living in New York. Courtney first started her blog when her mom read an article about a girl who picked out 15 items of clothing and made two weeks of outfits from them and challenged Courtney to do the same. We’re obsessed with Courtney’s colorful Instagram feed and she wears pretty much every bright and neon color under the sun, she also has an adorable French Bulldog called Waffles who also has his own Instagram account too.



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