Check out how Andrea Cheong from The Haute Heel got on with our vintage styling challenge…

I am way more into quality than novelty factor, which can be a hard line to balance when shopping for vintage. In the past I’ve been quite lucky with the pieces I found and I think it’s much like a relationship, if you’re not looking for something, you’ll come across something great.

The skirt is from Brick Lane Vintage; a two-floor shop that sections its pieces off by designer or occasion. I chose to visit the smaller establishments first because everyone knows the big names like Rokit and Blitz but as it turns out, this shop is sister to the latter. I picked up a 70’s style knitted skirt, handmade by the looks of the stitching inside. I’m lucky because I’m so small I find that vintage sizing fits me better than high street pieces today. Costing £30 I knew I was putting more than half my budget down on a statement piece so it was worth it.

ANDREA FLEUR IMAGE 3 (11) 667x1000px ANDREA FLEUR IMAGE 4 (8) 667x1000px

After being handed a 10% voucher for Blitz on Hanbury Street from the previous shop, how could I not go? There was really no point avoiding the inevitable and I have to admit that to save yourself time when shopping in London, hit up the larger vintage stores as they will have a much better selection (as in stuff normal people would actually want). Blitz is spacious and well curated. They also have their own line where they rework vintage pieces into items like the navy top I bought. What was preppy men’s Tommy Hilfiger shirt is now a cropped with flared sleeves and a lot cuter paired with my new Woodstock-esque skirt.

ANDREA FLEUR IMAGE 1 (23) 1000x667px

I chose the skirt because I usually put together an outfit starting with one statement piece that I really want to build around and this one was channelling some serious Chloe vibes. Since the brief was to create a winter look, I was trying to find something with long sleeves, like a denim or work shirt that would give the skirt a more masculine edge and keep me warm. Lucky for me it was 13 degrees that day, which equates to good weather by the UK’s winter standards, and wearing the top that I chose was totally fine.

ANDREA FLEUR IMAGE 2 (17) 667x1000px ANDREA FLEUR IMAGE 3 (10) 667x1000px

To fully integrate the look into my wardrobe, I’d accessorise with a cute hat, maybe a beret if I’m feeling cliché, and a gold accented belt. For outerwear, I’d go with my leather bomber jacket or a classic camel coat. I chose over the knee suede boots for this outfit because dressing for the winter means layering with textures and balancing proportions.

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