Emily Shaw gives us a guide to some of the best shopping in Cape Town.

The Mother City is home to some of the biggest fashion stores in the world. Here you’ll find all the big names you’d find in New York – from Jimmy Choo to Max Mara and Calvin Klein. But for those visiting, there’s no real attraction in shopping stores that exist in your own city.

If that visitor is you, then this guide is your map to the undiscovered, truly South African fashion boutiques that can be found all over Cape Town. Happy hunting!


The South African designer piece


The brainchild of artist Doreen Southwood, Mememe is a curated delight of all the very best South African designers have to offer. With timeless design at the core of the offering, Mememe embodies feminine but contemporary interpretation of classic style and some really lovely whimsical pieces. It’s here that you’ll be delighted by nostalgic cues and are bound to find the garment that really speaks to your own personal flair.

117 Long St, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa 


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The big night out show-stopper


Bang in the middle of buzzing Long Street, A-List could not be better positioned to offer shoppers something really stunning for the evening ahead. A-List includes a distinctly retro feel to clothes and décor – you’re almost guaranteed to find a statement piece whenever you visit for that special event you’re attending. Look out specifically for their awesome selection of hats and dresses.

34 Kloof Street, Cape Town, South Africa




cape-town-fashion-store-a-list-IMGP5474 cape-town-fashion-store-a-list-IMGP5461 cape-town-fashion-store-a-list-IMGP5480 cape-town-fashion-store-a-list-IMGP5470

The simple statement

Mungo & Jemima

Quality and exclusivity are key elements to this South African brand that create beautifully cut, simple but bold pieces. Known for their prints and elegant silhouettes, Mungo & Jemima pieces are the kind that make a look – whether it’s a simple shift dress or a slouchy heavy knit cardigan. An absolute must for those who like a sophisticated look which they can dress up or down.

108 Long Street, Corner Church Street, Cape Town, South Africa



cape-town-fashion-store-mungo-and-jemima-IMGP5867 cape-town-fashion-store-mungo-and-jemima-IMGP5406 cape-town-fashion-store-mungo-and-jemima-IMGP5404 cape-town-fashion-store-mungo-and-jemima-IMGP5413 cape-town-fashion-store-mungo-and-jemima-IMGP5399 cape-town-fashion-store-mungo-and-jemima-IMGP5398

The traditional keepsake

African Image

If you are looking for something that is not only African by creation but African in look, feel, fabric and design, you will love African Image. An intense and exhilarating immersion of sound, scents, textures and color, this market-style store offers fashion, curios, fabric, décor items and crafts. In addition to being beautifully made and totally unique, the store offers products that assists in continuing the legacy of African culture.

Church St, Cape Town, South Africa


cape-town-retail-store-african-image-IMGP5892 cape-town-retail-store-african-image-IMGP5883 cape-town-retail-store-african-image-IMGP5877 cape-town-retail-store-african-image-IMGP5875

The luxury indulgence

Ice Cherry

You love luxury but you don’t want to trawl the malls you know well from home for something extra special. Ice Cherry curates accessories and fashion by big luxury brands. Choose from rare Chloe bags, select Laboutin pumps and carefully chosen high fashion pieces. After you’ve spoiled yourself, relax with a cappuccino or a glass of bubbly at the hotel restaurant and admire the view.

Shop 5, Buchanan Square, Pearce Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa

cape-town-fashion-store-ice-cherry-IMGP5674 cape-town-fashion-store-ice-cherry-IMGP5668 cape-town-fashion-store-ice-cherry-IMGP5664

The one-stop gift shop

The Ceramic Factory

A treasure trove of texture, retro design, color and utility, you’ll want to spend hours in Kloof Street’s Ceramic Factory. The store is a proudly South African initiative and puts a fresh, urban spin on traditional ceramic work. Playful, bold, classic and quirky, you will find dinosaurs, plant pots, antelope dishtowel hooks, pendant lamps and even Darth Vader vases in stock – each one presenting a unique gift choice for someone back home. If you want to couple your shopping with an overnight trip to the winelands, visit the new Ceramic Factory at beautiful Clairvaux Wine Estate in Robertson and end your browsing with a glass of wine. Win win!

103 Kloof street, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, South Africa



cape-town-retail-store-ceramic-factory-IMGP5331 cape-town-retail-store-ceramic-factory-IMGP5871 cape-town-retail-store-ceramic-factory-IMGP5320 cape-town-retail-store-ceramic-factory-IMGP5348 cape-town-retail-store-ceramic-factory-IMGP5316

The essential leather accessory


No outfit is complete without the right finishing touch! Stop off at the vibey Woodstock Exchange and pop in to Kingdom to peruse a wide variety of artisanal accessories. Kat van Duinen’s creation are perfect for the chic woman who prizes the casual sexiness in minimalism combined with unexpected details. Gorgeous leather bags, skin belts sourced responsibly as well as a full line of silk wear make Kingdom a real investment in your own personal style.

2, Station St, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa



cape-town-retail-store-woodstock-exchange-IMGP7051 cape-town-retail-store-woodstock-exchange-IMGP7032 cape-town-retail-store-woodstock-exchange-IMGP7041


cape-town-retail-store-woodstock-exchange-IMGP7019 cape-town-retail-store-woodstock-exchange-IMGP7011


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