Lizzy from Shot From the Street shows us what to pack and what to wear on that long-weekend away in your favorite seasonal city. From Chicago to Stockholm, this savvy blogger can help you look chic wherever you are with her easy hints and tips!

I love a good weekend away during the winter months, what I don’t love so much is packing for one. I’m a huge over-packer and being restricted to a little suitcase is a nightmare for me and my giant shoe collection, as well as trying to squeeze two coats in my carry on bag. I cannot count how many times my Mum has said to me ‘Elizabeth, we are not going to a fashion parade.’ Obviously, I pay no attention, life is a fashion parade and so I thought I would share some of my top tips for fashionable outfits for a winter city break.


The Travel Look

Wear the biggest items you’re packing, or the heaviest. Of course this doesn’t mean your outfit has to become a mismatch of layering.

You’ve got to be comfy while travelling, but not necessarily scruffy. Choosing your coat is the perfect way to master this. Picking a smart one means your whole look will be taken up a notch, and you are managing to wear the heaviest item too.

A little more on the coat… pick a versatile one, definitely a neutral colour and a classic shape. The right coat can take you from day to evening with ease. If you are anything like me, you want your outfits while you’re away to be a little different each day, so you can feel your best every day. Taking a coat that is understated will stop it from being the focus of several looks, but will ensure it compliments them all perfectly.

Finally, think carefully about the bag you want to take. I have made the mistake before of thinking ‘Oh, I am going to take this teeny tiny and very gorgeous handbag that just fits a lipstick and a card in it, and then lugging around some unsightly tote (or worse, an M&S bag for life) with me to actually accommodate all the rubbish I like to haul around. Go for something practical, and chic. A backpack is the ultimate choice, as it’s easy to carry, fits in lots of stuff, and still looks amazing.

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Exploring the City

This is possibly the most important outfit for me while I am away, and the hardest to get right. It has to be comfy and practical, but when I am somewhere new I want to feel and look my best too, so I can’t compromise on style.

When packing, I tend to wear the big coat and pack a smaller, but still warm jacket. Something like a 100% wool blazer or short jacket are perfect for the job.

A hat is a great way to elevate a look, and a beanie is perfect for travelling, as it’s easy to squish into a suitcase. I could wear this look the next day, without the hat, and it would look so different.

I like to keep the base of my looks simple, so that I have items that would work well in different combinations. This means sticking to what you know – I always love skinny jeans and knits, so pack a few options I can mix and match with.

Think about footwear, and go for something that supports your foot. While trainers look great, I find them a nightmare to walk in for really long periods of time. Go for something that isn’t completely flat too.

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The Evening Look

Time to bring back that understated yet smart coat. Yep, it’s the perfect evening piece too. I find a long coat far more chic than a blazer in the evening – but if it is too chilly, you could layer up your wool blazer too.

My evening looks are really when the basics I packed prove themselves as my wardrobe saviours. Picking darker skinny jeans to wear throughout the day is perfect for a smarter look too. So make sure to pack either dark or black denim with you – which is far more versatile than blue.

Again, footwear is key. When building outfits around such simple pieces, the shoes can make or break the look. Pack one pair of heels, and preferably ones that you could manage to walk in during the day too. A block-heeled boot is the perfect choice – plus going for a non-black pair adds some colour.

Finally, chuck a dark lippy in your bag. It’s the easiest way to vamp up an outfit! Make sure you have it in your handbag, so if you run out of time to nip back and change you can apply some on the go.

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