This month we are drinking from the Youth tonic!  We are feeling inspired by the growing trend of intelligent, creative people shedding stereotypes and convention associated with their age and generation, and expressing themselves in more bold and vibrant ways than before. Now more than ever, different generations are finding style inspiration from eras that were pre or post their own, embracing an ageless mindset, and living by their own rules. Want to meet the fashion influencers leading the pack? Just keep on reading.

Dorrie Jacobson aka Senior Style Bible


This retired playboy bunny turned style blogger knows a thing or two about glamour. Born in Philadelphia now living in Los Angeles (after a short detour of ten years in Las Vegas), this model, makeup artist and fashion blogger is the multi-talented style maven of our dreams. She loves to support other women and views age as just a number. She aims to present a positive image of women, who continue to feel and look beautiful as they age. She is not afraid to rock a current fashion trend but still adds her distinctive sophisticated twist to any outfit.

Melanie Kobayashi aka Bag and Beret


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Vancouver based Melanie’s unique rock n roll style has us hankering after a life in a band. Her incredible talent of pulling off all sorts of vibrant jumpsuits, contrasting blazers paired with band tees, and Boho dresses layered over flared trousers, is giving us all the Vivienne Westwood, punk-rock vibes. Her wicked outfits are always paired with her trademark grey cropped hair, artfully mussed up but never sloppy. The trick to her adventurous style? She often writes on her blog as her alter-ego Miz Bagg who is as hilarious as she is stylish!

Lyn Slater aka Accidental Icon

If you have any interest in fashion whatsoever, it is likely you will have come across Lyn Slater on your travels around the fashion blogosphere before. The ‘accidental icon’ first came into the spotlight when meeting a friend for lunch during NYFW and the street style photographers descended upon her and her Yohji Yamamoto suit. A huge fan of Japanese fashion design (you will often see her working Yamamoto, Kawakubo and Watanabe designs), Lyn is always dressed in contemporary silhouettes and modern textures and fabrics. Her wardrobe might be predominantly neutrals, but her unique styling is exciting and dramatic. Biggest styling trick to steal from Lyn? Sunglasses always look cool.


Greet Moens aka Journey of a Stylist.


This is a lady after our own heart, she is a massive fan of a print clash and completely owns any bright color she puts on. Belgium-based Greet’s day job is as a stylist and image consultant, plus she is a self-described ‘Color Connoisseur’, so it’s no surprise she is a master of wearing current trends in her own distinctive way. Her killer eye for stand-out accessories means she formulates kooky and quirky outfits as well as the best of them (Leandra Cohen, we are looking at you). If you think you can’t wear sequined trousers, head-to-toe vivid florals, or a huge pink tutu skirt plus floral denim jacket think again – Greet inspires people to be bold, brave and brilliant in their style choices. We love!


Guillaume Bo aka Men Need More Style

This sharply dressed  French-Canadian looks like he could give James Bond a run for his money in the style stakes, but Guillaume Bo’s aesthetic is much more cultivated that that. Guillaume draws inspiration from many sources – his vast and varied taste in music, stylish by-gone eras and sub-cultures, and influences from his own past and previous roles. From the hip-hop sub-culture he discovered as a DJ and producer, to the refined tailoring of the rat pack, or the 60s mods in swinging London, he subtly incorporates elements from lots of influences into his dressing. He also strongly believe style has nothing to do with money and encourages other men to read, discover and learn their way to dressing better. A man of many-talents, Guillaume is an influencer, consultant, sometimes model, and regular street style star – truly millennial!

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