Who’s a good boy? We mean Fatboy! Let us introduce you to Fatboy, the Dutch lifestyle brand known for its super comfy, super relaxed beanbags for humans and their doggy friends.

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“The essence of Fatboy; Be yourself.”

For those not in the know please tell us a little bit more about Fatboy.

Fatboy® is a renowned lifestyle brand that excels in thinking outside the box, truly striving for originality and comfort.  Fatboy has been challenging the concepts of lifestyle product since 2002, when it set out to create the perfect lounge chair— designed for fashion, for comfort, and tailored for an unmatched lounging experience. The ideal Fatboy world is an unconventional and original world, a personal world where you can be completely yourself. Life according to Fatboy is free of rules, expectations and conventions. Colorful and full of contrast are key elements to the brand 3and its collections — a mix of relaxation, style and character. Fatboy knows that each person is unique and strives for customers to show their true selves. Show who you are, look around and experience the most you can throughout your life. The essence of Fatboy; Be yourself.

How did Fatboy get started and what has inspired your many unique and colorful creations?

Fatboy started in 2002 in the Netherlands and was first known for the Fatboy® Original bean bag chair. Since then, Fatboy has been challenging the concept of lifestyle products by creating beautiful and creative lifestyle collections ever since. From ottomans, to cushions, to indoor/outdoor products, to lighting collections, to dog beds, Fatboy always wants to be the life of the party! The Netherlands-based brand is now known in over 50 countries.



Your product range is not just for humans – our four-legged friends can also kick-back on a dog bed. How did this evolve?

We not only wanted our customers to have the option to have the ability to lounge in style, we also wanted our four-legged customers to have the same Fatboy experience as their owners! This is how the Fatboy® Doggielounges evolved. The lounges come in two different sizes and many colors, perfect for any sized canine!


“We want to make our customers feels special while providing a unique lounging experience. “


Fatboy’s identity aligns perfectly with Radisson RED’s goal to fuel an expressive revolution. Plus, the red nylon Fatboy Doggie Lounge is part of the pet kits in all Radisson RED hotels. Can you talk more about what makes this partnership a no brainer?

We think the partnership between Fatboy and Radisson RED makes complete sense because Fatboy is all about creating comfort and unique experiences, just like Radisson RED is! We want to make our customers feel special while providing a unique lounging experience. We provide a large variety of eclectic and fun products, even for our four-legged friends! Our brand identity, be yourself, is all about choosing unique products that align with YOUR lifestyle.



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