A quirky folk punk duo originally from Los Angeles, now based in Philadelphia. Comprised of Cleo Tucker on guitar and Harmony Tividad on bass, the most significant thing about this band is the lack of a drummer. The striped down music style that results from just guitar, bass and vocals accentuates their honest and observational lyrics that will have listeners reminiscing of experiences they have while young adults.

Girlpool’s most recent release ‘Before The World Was Big’ is an evolution from their first EP. It’s calmer and more mature without losing their distinctive element of singing in unison but not harmony. This year’s release ‘Chinatown’ was listed by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Best Songs of 2015 and the pair made waves with their performances at SXSW in Austin Texas earlier this year. Catch them in Australia in the New Year, before they head back to the US for tour dates in February 2016.




London based girl group, Juce, both look like, and sound like, they belong in another decade. Their modern take on pop-funk is reminiscent of 90s RnB and grungy pop girl bands that have come before them such as TLC, Destiny’s Child, All Saints and even the original Sugababes line-up. But don’t let these comparisons make you think their sound isn’t original. Juce’s catchy beats and unique groove-pop sound ensure you are up on the dancefloor in no time.

Having met at a party a couple of years ago, Chalin, Georgia and Cherish have worked hard to release 5 individual tracks, create 4 music videos, and managed to bag slots at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and London’s Lovebox Festival in 2014. Add to this their instragram-worthy retro styling that has been featured by ASOS, and you have the makings of an iconic girl band.




Stine Marie Claire Tweedale lead vocalist and guitarist, and drummer Cat Myers, are the Glaswegian duo that form Honeyblood. A true Scottish garage rock band with a nostalgic indie look, the pair have played support to an impressive roster of modern rock acts including Foo Fighters, Sleigh Bells, Palma Violets and We Were Promised Jetpacks. Honeyblood have also played showcases for the likes of Vice, The Skinny and NME, not to mention playing at big name music festivals such as T in the Park and SXSW.

Despite this apparent widespread exposure, Honeyblood remain relatively low-key. In fact the grunge-pop style and low-fi feeling to their music is something they have always nurtured. Their first EP was released on cassette in 2012 and was actually recorded in their bathroom! Despite being signed to FatCat Records shortly after this release and having gone through a few drummers before Cat joined the band, their 2014 album ‘Honeyblood’ retains that home-made feel. People in the know from Glasgow will tell you they have known about Honeyblood for years, where the band has been playing under-the-radar, guerrilla gigs since 2012.




Washington DC based Ex-Hex is made up of experienced musician Mary Timony as lead guitarist and lead vocalist, Betsy Wright on bass and supporting vocals, and Laura Harris on drums. This talented trio have all been in bands prior to forming Ex-Hex in 2013. The band is best known for their refreshed version of power-pop. The Ex-Hex sound is a mixture of 70s rock, 80s punk, and classic pop music.

This distinctive mixture creates tracks that are both catchy, contemporary and yet still have you reminiscing of dancing to Blondie, The Knack and The Runaways. Lead singer Mary Timony’s deep drawling voice lends well to this rock-pop mashup, that suits being played in a basement party as much as a festival stage.




Amanda-X are a relatively little known punk girl band from Philadelphia, a city which they themselves admit is full of great bands. The band is graced with two songwriters in the form of their guitarist Cat Park, and their bassist Kat Bean. The final element of this trio is Tiff Yoon on drums, which provides the hard-hitting beat behind their punk-pop harmonies. All three are part of the music scene elsewhere in Philadelphia, having been part of various other projects and bands.

This is definitely 90s post-punk that is best played at a house party. Some of the songs on their most recent album Amnesia remind you of a more punkish Haim and the vocals often stray into that almost off-key whine of Kurt Cobain. You will find Amanda-X mostly playing in basement and house shows, although they are currently touring the US with post-punk band Protomartyr until January 2016. Knowing this underground band will definitely impress your friends.

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