There’s an incredible number of hip-hop blogs currently on the internet with an endless amount of music and news. But to save you the hassel of hunting through them all we’ve pulled together a list of six of our favorite blogs that we always turn to when we’re in need of some real good hip-hop.


Pigeons & Planes

Pigeons & Planes is a music discovery site by COMPLEX. They showcase ‘good music made by good artists, whether they’re established stars or rising newcomers.’ The site name came from the idea of combining two things that are completely opposite but have one thing in common – flight. The pigeon represents the striving artist, trying to catch their big break in the industry and the planes represents the mainstream artists, the major players of the music industry with global reach. Hip-hop is a big part of Pigeons & Planes but if you’re inclined to a little bit of indie rock, pop or electronic music then you’re in luck as they have lots of content around those genres too!


HNHP delivers fresh new content on a daily basis and is on its way to becoming the premium destination for hip-hop music. The site allows new artists to showcase their music to ‘real hip-hop fans’, and members have access to the newest and hottest singles, mixtapes, videos and news from the hip-hop world.



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Underground Hip Hop Blog

Established in 2012 features the freshest indie/underground hip-hop music from all over the world. The site features music, news, reviews and interviews from independent artists, producers, DJs, and promoters so it’s packed full of great hip-hop content.



XXL has been a leading voice on the hip-hop scene since 1997. It started life as a monthly publication and has now grown to a site that delivers around 170 posts per week on the latest hip-hop music, it’s hip-hop, but on a higher level.


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Cabezas Underground

Cabezas Underground is an independent music blog that was created in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico and has bases in Mexico City and Monterrey. As well as posting about hip-hop music and artists they also write about hip-hop culture and all that comes with it including graffiti, fashion, cinema and more.


Upcoming Hip Hop

Upcoming Hip Hop, as the name suggests is a blog for hip-hop artists trying to catch a break in the industry, and here at RED we fully support emerging musical talent. The blog believes that all musicians deserve a shot at the big time and strongly support independent musicians and producers submitting their music to the site. Up Coming Hip Hop also posts interviews with the artists so readers can get to know them better, and also posts premiers, album reviews, advice/opinion pieces, news and hip-hop events.



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